Aneta Mircevska

Pet Insurance Expert

Hey guys! We are Ane and Beksy or, let’s say, a match made in heaven. See, when your children grow up, and you still want to take care of someone, a Frenchie is the right choice for you. My son and daughter joke with me, saying he’s my third baby, and I cannot say that’s far from the truth.

At first look, Beksy might seem a little scary, or at least that’s what people say. But if you are familiar with his breed, you are well aware that’s far from the truth.

I have been taking care of Beksy for over four years and developed the strongest bond in the process. To be honest, Beksy was the reason I entered this niche. Once he got sick and diagnosed, I had to learn all there is to know about pets and his surgeries in particular.

See, this little fellow already went through three surgeries, and he has two more scheduled for November. However, I am determined to make him the perfect travel buddy so that he will see the world with my husband and me.

I am a pet insurance expert dedicated to seeing my french bulldog and all pets worldwide safe, happy, and reaching their full potential!

A Positive Turn Of Events

As soon as I entered the pet insurance niche, I learned so much of what there is to know about my buddy’s safety. It’s so much better when you know you can visit a place, and rest assured, nothing will happen to your loving pet friend.

Today, after Beksy went through his surgeries and recoveries, it’s like I have a new pet. Doctors, pet insurance representatives, and other medical professionals helped Beksy. He got special care so that he would become the happy Frenchie he is today.

A Bit More About Beksy

Beksy is a french bulldog born on the 18th of January, 2017. Yeah, you got it right; he’s a Capricorn and sure acts as one. Sometimes, he even brings me wondering, is there a human beneath this fur?

Beksy sure can be stubborn and likes to get things his own way. If he wants a walk, he sure knows how to convince you to get one. He can be standing in front of the door for hours, even though he just got inside. In turn, you can be begging him to walk. If he feels lazy that day, he will lie on the ground, and you will need superhero strengths to move him.

If you ever want to meet us, make sure to contact me when you visit. We are open for friendships, both me and Beksy!