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    7 Best Parrots For Beginners

    Everybody loves parrots. It was always such a rare and delightful treat growing up to visit a friend’s house for the first time, only to discover they had some kind of majestic parrot in the lounge, perching pride of place and there for you to see right as you walk in. Wonderful. 

    Now that we’re a bit older, owning a pet parrot doesn’t have to belong to the memory bank. Believe it or not, owning your own isn’t all too difficult to handle. In fact, there are plenty of good parrots for beginners that can make quite the loyal, feathered companion. And the best thing is, a lot of them live for a really long time compared to most other pets.

    If you’re pondering the idea of parrot care, you might be surprised to know that the term ‘parrot’ refers to nearly all the best birds for bonding with. Shockingly, not just the multi-colored talking-type. Domesticable and undomesticable included, there are 350 members in the parrot family, and a handful of them are treasured dearly in homes across the world. Keep reading to discover the best beginner parrot and the right one for letting into your life. 

    Small Parrots

    Love Birds

    Agapornis, more commonly known as the love bird, is an elegant choice for the most compassionate among us and is one of the better beginner parrots for novice bird owners. Just make sure you get two. 

    They’re known for their companionship and for being inseparable with their chosen mate. Depriving them of such a lovely thing would be detrimental to your bird and cause it such heartbreak that it likely wouldn’t last as long as you’d like it to. Your love is worth a lot but isn’t enough for these birds, unfortunately. The Agapornis, like virtually all other birds, is prone to certain ailments and illnesses, so it’s wise to consider the available options for parrot insurance.

    10-15 YearsNoModerate - HighUp to 15cmUp to 85gr


    This popular member of the cockatoo family, cockatiels, or quarrion, are endemic to Australia and known for the prominent tuft poking out of its forehead. They’re certainly known for being one of the easiest birds to have in your home and if you’re interested in breeding, they’re especially easygoing for that too.

    The gray variety is the most common amongst bird owners because, like most other cockatiels, they’re quite tame and easy to bond with. Be sure to remember that they may bite or scratch should they become distressed.

    10-25 YearsYes ModerateUp to 33cmUp to 90gr

    Medium Parrots

    Lories and Lorikeets 

    Originating from Australia, Lories and Lorikeets are some of the most popular birds for domesticating and have earned their place as a favorite amongst hobbyists and owners. They’re mostly known for the bright and bold colors of their plumage and for being rather excitable, so they might not be the best option for people with no experience with birds.

    Between the two, there are 55 different species though only around 12 of those are suitable for domestication. There are some slight differences between the two: while Lories have shorter square-shaped tails, Lorikeets have slightly longer, more pointed tails. 

    Up to 20 YearsYes HighUp to 30cmUp to 180gr

    Large Parakeets

    There are various types of parakeets and some of them much larger than others. For example, the Alexandrine parakeet can be as large as 24 inches. Given how many members there are in the parakeet family, it’s easy to find the one that works for your household. 

    Parakeets, like a lot of the popular birds, originate from Australia though they’re happy to dwell in any tropical environment. They come in a variety of colors and are often referred to by their original names, either budgies or budgerigars. 

    Up to 20 YearsYes Low - ModerateUp to 60cmUp to 260gr

    Large Parrots

    African Grey 

    As one of the more common parrots to find in people’s homes, the African Grey is likely one of the best large parrots for beginners. There’s a good chance that your African Grey might even outlive you since they can last up for to 80 years if healthy and well looked after. As a chatty bird, it’ll probably out-speak you too. 

    They’re quite high maintenance and can be rather tough to look after, but there aren’t really any birds that are super easy to look after. They all require some maintenance. These birds are highly intelligent and can make quite the companion should you be able to keep up with their care. 

    60-80 YearsYes Moderte - HighUp to 33cmUp to 410gr


    One of the most beautiful creatures to come from the Amazon rainforest is the hawk-headed parrot, otherwise known as the red-fan parrot. Funnily enough, with its beautiful shades of grey and green, the bird earns its notoriety for the red mohawk-like tuft of feathers on its head. As the only member of the genus Deroptyus sub-species, hawk-headed parrots are rather unique and have earnt a place in the homes of bird fanatics across the world. 

    Though native to the Amazon, the bird is known for dwelling in various South-American countries, including Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela, and Suriname

    Up to 40 YearsYes Low - HighUp to 35cmUp to 250gr

    Extra Large Parrots


    The Macaw is typically the first bird that comes to mind when someone talks about parrots. We’ve all seen a macaw or two in life, not least due to pirate movies, but they’re no doubt the first type of bird that comes to mind when someone mentions parrots. Though they come in several color schemes, macaws are some of the most treasured parrots and they make reliable companions.

    They might be rather loud given that they’re pretty talkative birds, but there aren’t many others that will happily live in your home for up to 60 years. As they say, a pet is for life, and with macaws, that’s about as accurate as that statement gets. Any volant creature that lives as long as macaws is worth protecting and only the best bird insurance will do. 

    Up to 60 YearsYes HighUp to 100cmUp to 1.7kg

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