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    Most Common Bird Diseases & Parasites

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    Bird owners must remain diligent when looking for signs of health problems in pet birds. Bird health problems can be difficult to diagnose or catch early if you don’t know what to expect. Illnesses in birds can range from mild to severe, and since you want what’s best for your feathered friend, you need to know about common bird diseases.

    Keep reading to gain important insight into common health issues in birds and how you can take proactive measures toward protecting your pet.

    What You Need To Know About The Avian Flu 

    You’ve probably heard of the avian flu from the news. Several years ago, this bird disease gained a lot of media time as it traveled around the world. For most bird owners, this is a non-issue since birds with avian flu mostly come from those raised as food. 

    That said, the avian flu can affect any type of bird that is exposed. While this does include common pets, like parrots and cockatoos, the chances of your pet contracting avian flu are lower than other diseases.

    Parasites In Pet Birds 

    Parasites are dangerous because they can be passed through family members, including your human and animal family members. Depending on the type of parasite, exposure to your bird can have serious and even life-threatening effects on its health. 

    For example, if you’ve recently acquired a pet parrot, be sure to do your due diligence. Research parrots for beginners to understand common parasites they are at risk of contracting, the symptoms, and what steps to take if you expect your pet becomes ill. Parrot care, like all bird care, requires you to do some homework and remain vigilant to best protect your beloved pet. 


    Just like other animals and certainly humans, birds aren’t immune to common everyday stress and anxiety. Interestingly, stress can manifest itself in a similar manner as it does in humans. Stress can lower the immune system of your pet, making it more susceptible to illnesses. 

    Be sure your bird has a safe, comfortable place to live with plenty of light, food, and water to avoid excess anxiety or stress. Watch carefully to see if another household pet like a cat or dog is taunting your bird or chasing it, which can be incredibly stressful for any animal. Be sure the bird has plenty of exercise and sunlight along with a place where it can feel absolutely secure. With a few adjustments to its environment, you can likely find and solve the source of stress. 

    Egg Binding

    Egg binding is a potentially serious condition that only affects female birds of breeding age. So if you have a male, you can rest assured that your pet won’t be affected by this disease. Egg binding occurs when an egg takes an abnormal amount of time to pass out of the reproductive tract. This may be caused by a variety of factors such as obesity, nutritional imbalances, changes in temperature, and more. 

    If you own a female, it’s wise to become familiar with the signs of egg binding so that you can be prepared to take action. Talk with your vet about what steps to take if you suspect egg binding is unfolding.

    Psittacine Beak And Feather Disease (PBFD)

    If you notice abnormal lesions, beak, or feather growth, you’ll want to pay careful attention. These are common symptoms of  Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, also known as PBFD. This is a deadly and serious virus that can affect any species of parrot. 

    One of the things that makes PBFD so dangerous is its ability to spread quickly amongst birds. So if you have multiple birds living together, this could have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, there is no known cure, so contact your vet immediately if you suspect PBFD.

    Bottom Line

    Having bird insurance can be a valuable and expense saving resource for many pet owners. Pet insurance can help to cover the costs of emergency vet visits, checkups, medication, and surgeries. Empower yourself as a pet owner by reading up diseases in pet birds and take swift action if you think your bird may have become ill. 

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