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    How To Take Care Of Your Pet Fish

    You might be interested in owning a fish, but did you know that the entire procedure of keeping one alive isn’t that simple? Accordingly, a proper guide is necessary to understand the related steps, like knowing the best fish for beginners.

    Read on to discover the top tips and tricks that you need to follow when keeping a fish as a pet without putting it in harm’s way.

    Is Taking Care Of Fish Cheap And Low Maintenance?

    Many people think that freshwater fish are cheap and are relatively low maintenance. Therefore, they adopt them over other pets. This complements the perception that a pet which is low maintenance or is cheap to buy is also easy to store or keep in one place.

    Still, this is where many prospective owners are wrong, making it absolutely vital to understand how to care for fish before taking one home.

    There are basic needs that every fish must have fulfilled. These include:

    • Food - In general, fish eat at least once or twice a day. Still, this differs from species to species as well. Also, they are just like any other animal. They need to be fed, or else they can starve to death, or even fall ill.
    • Water - Fish are very dependent on the type of water they can swim in. If you are not changing the water daily or at least once every two days, certain fish can start to fall ill or sick.
    • Neat Environment - Whether the fish is kept in the aquarium, pond, lake, or any other body of water, the environment should be neat and clean, irrespective of the water. If the environment inside and outside the water body is not clean, it can affect the metabolism of the fish living inside.
    • Size Of The Aquarium - Once you decide on the type of fish you want and begin learning how to take care of the fish, a crucial step is to determine the appropriately sized aquarium. Different fish require different amounts of water to grow and thrive. Fish will also live longer if the aquarium size is suitable for their needs.

    Which Are The Most Common Species Of Fish To Take As Pets?

    There are several fish species that are commonly kept as pets due to unique characteristics and features. These fish include:

    • Betta Fish - When you research betta fish care, you will discover that these fish live up to 3 years with a length that crosses over 3 inches. However, note that only one male or female betta fish should be kept in the tank. These fish usually do not live in the aerated aquariums as they breathe the air from the surface. 
    • Koi Fish - You need to be at an intermediate level of owning pets when you want to add a koi fish. When considering koi fish care, it is important to note that koi fish may bully or even eat other fish, especially smaller ones. Still, they are quick to recognize the food that is being fed to them by their owners.
    • Fantail Goldfish - While exploring how to care for a goldfish, you must know that they live up to 5 or even 10 years straight. Their size ranges from six to eight inches most of the time. They are very docile creatures while living inside the aquarium or any pond. In terms of shape, Fantail goldfish are round and have a short body.

    What Are The Other Things That Your Fish Might Need?

    Normally, when you are learning the basic information pertaining to a fish species, know that the accompanying fish care and feeding needs are most important. Just like any other animal, a fish simply needs a home, timely food, and a caring owner to look after them.

    Apart from these more common fish species, every exotic fish may exhibit very different needs when it comes to both feeding and growth. If entering this arena, you need to study the type of fish you want as pets in detail. For instance, there are certain fish that need herbal plants inside the aquarium for their regular growth. 

    In certain cases, there are fish that eat other small fish for their diet. In such cases, you should think carefully about including smaller fish in the tank as well. After all, you never want to end up having only a single fish in the tank.

    Beyond the necessary conditions for keeping certain fish healthy, it is also important to have other protections in place. One avenue worth exploring if you are considering more specialty and exotic fish is exotic pet insurance. This will ensure you are indemnified from losses you might face when a rare fish dies in your tank.

    What Else Needs To Be Considered When You Own A Fish Tank?

    Beyond exploring proper care and feeding techniques, picking an appropriately sized aquarium, and selecting fish that can coexist, aquariums must be regularly cleaned. In addition to changing the water depending on the tank and fish, you want to periodically clean the aquarium itself. When you want to clean the entire aquarium, do not do it with the fish inside the same tank. Detergent or cleaning products can cause harm.

    To give pet fish an even greater experience, you can also furnish an aquarium. There is no end to the possible customization options. There are multiple plants, toys, and other items that your fish inside the tank will appreciate. Some fish are especially fond of fake plants and treasure chests.

    With these points in mind, you should have a fairer idea of how to take care of fish, the needs you should address before determining the right fish, and the work that goes into maintaining a healthy and happy pet.