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    Toxic Foods for Dogs in 2020

    We all know that dogs will, and most often do, eat anything they can get their paws on and all dog owners know there are certain items that can be poisonous foods for dogs. This page will help you to know what keep your beloved pets away from at all costs.

    What is raw food diet for dogs?

    Many dog owners opt to feed their pets a raw food diet, believing this to be much closer to the natural food they would have enjoyed generations ago. It’s a controversial practice that some do not believe is healthy for canines in the 21st century.

    These items should not really be on your dog’s menu as they can be toxic food for dogs,


    Amazingly some pet owners freely offer their dogs a beer, or even stronger alcohol, but this is frowned upon by veterinarians. Not only is it somewhat immoral to give your dog an alcoholic drink, doing so could prove harmful for them, not least as their smaller frames will struggle to deal with the level of alcohol that a human can withstand.


    Avocados can prove very harmful to dogs, even deadly, due mainly to the presence of persin (a fungi) in the fruit. Avocado and dogs are not a good pairing, so definitely keep fido away from your Avocado on rye as it is a toxic food for dogs.

    Onions and Garlic

    Whilst small doses of onion or garlic will not prove disastrous, overindulgence can prove fatal. If a dog ingests a great deal of either they could suffer a toxic episode that may be deadly.


    Dogs, and to a lesser extent cats, are very sensitive to even the smallest dose of caffeine, so definitely no cappuccino for your canine!  Toxicosis can be triggered by varying amount of caffeine in your pet’s diet.


    Many owners ask, can my dog eat ice cream. The answer is that while it’s not a toxic food for dogs, dairy is a bit of a grey area when it comes to dogs, as it is with humans. Some dogs can cope and ingest the laxtose whereas others could suffer sickness of varying levels. The occasional cheeky lick of an ice cream won’t cause much distress but it’s still best to play it safe with this one.


    This is perhaps the most well known among the foods dogs should not eat. It is perhaps the most toxic food for dogs. It’s the component in chocolate called theobromine that is most deadly, small amounts of chocolate may only lead to diarrhea, but too much can end up killing your dog.


    Though it’s well documented that chocolate is one of the most poisonous foods for dogs, grapes (and raisins) can prove just as fatal if ingested by your pet. The precise reason this is the case isn’t that well known but it’s safe to say that grapes and dogs should be kept separated.

    Raw Eggs

    On the whole, again as with humans, the consumption of raw eggs isn’t a big risk to your dog. However there is the potential for salmonella from a bad egg and too much raw egg can lead to biotin deficiency in your pet. Not a toxic food for dogs but wise to steer clear of over consumption.

    Sugary Food and Drinks

    If your dog has a sweet tooth it’s best to keep this in check. Though there isn’t a specific health issue with individual treats there is a danger that an unchecked level of consumption of sugary snacks and drinks can be harmful to your pet in the long run and it’s one of the foods bad for dogs on the whole.


    Dogs and coconut are not a great combination. They can cause upset stomachs for your pooch with the potential for gastrointestinal issues with repeated consumption. It’s not top of the list of foods that are poisonous to dogs, but it’s well worth keeping your dog away from.