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    7 Ways of Exercising With Your Dog

    Anyone looking for ways to bond with their dog need only turn to some form of energetic activity. Funnily enough, the best ways to exercise your dog are also their source of entertainment. Whether it’s running around like a looney or even taking a long, leisurely stroll with a ball to throw, these activities are incredibly fun for your dog and they come with their own health benefits for both of you. 

    We all have to exercise to some extent and combining this with walkies time means both you and your companion can enjoy some fun and meaningful time together. Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to exercise with your dog. 

    Though some might seem obvious, these types of entertainment are what mean the most to your dog and shouldn’t be overlooked. 


    Running is one of the best forms of dog exercise and it’s often harder to get them to stop than it is to start. As far as exercise goes, running is one of the best ways to tackle obesity in dogs and keep them living an active life.

    It’s always better to take your dog’s leash off whenever you can but be sure about the area you’re in and other dogs that might be around first. Taking an early stroll in parks, nature trails, and beaches is ideal for letting go of the lead and allowing your dog to properly stretch their legs.


    Walking is perhaps more for the owner than it is the pooch but no doubt great exercise for everyone. It’s recommended that you take your dog for three or four walks a day and for at least 15 minutes each. Allowing your dog to slow down for a change means they can actually take in their surroundings and use their noses properly.

    Also, by opting for different routes and journeys, your dog gets a chance to discover new places and exciting smells. 

    Dog Sports

    Not all dogs or even owners for that matter are cut out for certain dog sports. You wouldn’t see my family pooch performing at Crufts that’s for sure. There are dozens of sports your dog can take part in and nearly all of them involve the owner, from regal sports like canine freestyle to the outright crazy dog surfing.

    Some of these sports can be a bit dangerous and could harm your dog without the right training, so make sure your dog insurance policy is up to date. 


    Taking your dog for three walks a day might seem like enough but that’s usually not the case. Playtime is a whole other thing for your dog and it can be quite the effort after a long day.

    Putting the time in and playing a few games of fetch or hide and seek can be a good way to get the blood flowing after a big day at the office and will be sure to wear your dog out, though this might take some time. 


    Swimming, if not for getting your pet in shape, is a great activity that can be enjoyed by almost all dogs. You might be surprised to know, however, that not all dogs can swim instinctively, but you’ll certainly know if yours enjoys the water. And while some might not seem interested in the beginning, it’s often possible to train your dog to start swimming and even enjoy it.

    Life jackets can be a great starting point and even throwing balls and treats in the water could give them the courage to take that first leap. 


    Taking your dog along for those big nature expeditions gives them a great opportunity to explore new parts of the world. As you know, for such agile and energized animals, dogs only see a fraction of where their legs could take them. Involving your dog in such a hobby as hiking means they can enjoy thousands of new sights, smells, and interactions with unfamiliar creatures.

    It’ll also reinforce the positive relationship you both share since you’re making them a part of the thing you enjoy most. 


    Knowing how to exercise your dog and the right ways to go about it should come naturally. For example, you might not want to go cycling with a Terrier or Jack Russel. Nonetheless, if you have a larger dog, cycling is a great opportunity for a pretty intensive workout for both of you.

    Always be sure to start slowly and leave enough space between your bike and your dog. Some bikes also come with attachments for leashes, making it much easier to manage. The ideal places for cycling with your dog could be the local park or anywhere that’s particularly open-ended.