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    Where to Get Your New Dog?

    Who wouldn’t love to have a faithful companion and loyal sidekick welcome them home every day? Buying a dog can be one of the most rewarding and life-changing decisions we can make since it leads to an improvement in overall wellbeing and greater fulfillment.

    The type of dog you want, how to train it, and the logistics of introducing it into your home are all things you’ll need to consider. Even how to groom it, certain behaviors to watch out for, like how to stop a dog digging, should be on your mind. But first and foremost, you’ll need to know the best place to find dogs to bring home.

    No matter where you choose to buy your dog, you should first research the person or establishment and ensure that they’re trustworthy. It’s advisable to always visit where the dog is being housed to ensure it’s living healthily and being treated well.

    For those that prefer a more ethical approach to dog ownership, dog adoption is another popular way that’s worth considering.

    Here’s a rundown of the best places to buy your new dog.

    Animal Shelters

    Animal shelters are a great place to begin your search for a trusty new friend. They come in many shapes and sizes, much like dogs, so it’s worth doing your research on your local shelter to know what to expect. Most shelter dogs will have previously lived with humans, meaning they may have experience in training and socializing, but also that they may have been treated poorly in the past. You can be sure that, at least recently, the dog has been well treated, however, and the shelter will know how to identify common health issues in dogs.

    The shelter volunteers and workers will no doubt be happy to show you around and introduce you to the dogs, giving some backstory and an idea of the personality of each. Take your time as this isn’t a decision to be rushed.

    Rescue Organizations

    Rescue groups go out of their way to rehome struggling dogs. These groups are usually private and focus on helping dogs from abusive homes or homeless situations. Generally, these organizations will house a dog in a temporary home while looking for someone who’ll permanently adopt it. These foster parents will know a dog well, having already cared for it, so they can help with the transition by clueing you in on a dog’s history and personality, as well as the common dog behavior problems to look out for.

    A word of warning: rescue organizations are usually very discerning, as they want to ensure dogs go to the best homes where they’ll be well cared for. Expect some grilling.

    Reputable Breeders

    One obvious advantage to using a dog breeder is that you can buy the breed you like. A downside is that some backyard breeders and puppy mills treat dogs very poorly. Ensure that you choose a well-reputed and responsible breeder. No ethical breeder will refuse to show you where the dogs are housed or give you a detailed background, so make sure to ask for this.

    Vets, local pet owners, and online forums are a good place to start hunting for reputable breeders. By ensuring your breeder is top notch you can avoid common behavior problems like separation anxiety in dogs.

    Precautionary Notes

    One place we’ll always warn against buying your new dog from is a pet store. Sadly, these puppies usually come from poorly kept puppy mills, as do some of the online kennels’ dogs. These places will have little attention paid in the way of health and dental care for dogs

    Another thing to watch out for is advertisements, be it on social media, the newspaper, or the local bulletin board. People who give their dogs away are often irresponsible owners who may have mistreated them and could keep this information from you. 

    Making Your Final Decision

    When you feel like you’ve chosen the perfect pooch, you should ensure that it’s been treated well. Have a good look at the dog, and make sure it has a shiny coat, bright eyes, and a healthy appetite. Be sure to ask about any special requirements and learn all you can about it. 

    Try to be as certain as you can be about your dog, because it’s always a sad and difficult process to return it. You should also know that homing a dog is no small task, and do the appropriate research to know what’s required when caring for a new one.