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    Best Cat Insurance Companies in 2021

    Written by Aneta Mircevska Updated on October 31, 2021

    Even though at first it might seem like cat insurance is expensive, keep in mind that the alternative is paying for veterinarian bills out of your own pocket. The best cat insurance can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the life of your cat!

    We’ve reviewed several industry-leading cat insurance plans and listed our results to help you with your decision.

    What is the best pet insurance for your cat?


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    Cats can live for quite a long time, and just like us, they’re prone to some issues along the way; some more serious than others. To ensure your cat gets the care it needs, take a look at some of the best options for cat insurance right now.

    Cat insurance

    What Is Cat Insurance?

    There are so many accessories you can buy these days to make your cat’s life more enjoyable. With just a few clicks you can order an astounding range of treats, scratchers, and cozy beds directly to your home that are sure to make your favorite feline purr with delight. 

    However, the best gift you can give your cat isn’t a toy, a sweater or fancy food – it’s cat insurance. That’s because cat insurance is the ultimate way to guarantee your cat gets exceptional medical care all year round, no matter what the future has in store.

    Don’t let the myth of a cat’s nine lives lull you into a false sense of security. Cats are just as prone to illness as other house pets, and sadly our curious, playful cats don’t always land on their feet. As a cat parent, there’s only one thing worse than seeing your cat impacted by a disease or injury: it’s seeing your cat sick or hurt and being unable to foot the veterinary bills that would make her better.

    Cat insurance should be on the radar of cat parents looking for a way to prioritize their cat’s health without having to dip into their savings. Sudden changes in your cat’s health can obviously be scary. What cat insurance lets you do is remove the financial fears of whether you can afford treatment from the equation so you can focus on helping your cat get well.

    Our Top 3 Picks For Cat Insurance

    Pet Insurance
    Get a Quote
    • $3,000 emergency fund
    • 24/7 access to a vet
    • No age, breed exclusions
    • No medical history exclusion
    • Shortest wait periods
    • Get $25 with refer a friend
    • Easy Insurance Claim
    • No caps on payouts
    • 99% of claims processed 2 days
    • Use any licensed vet

    Top Ten Cat Insurance Companies

    1. Pawp – Allows up to six pets under one plan
    2. PetFirst – Excellent online knowledgebase
    3. Eusoh – Transparent about its pricing
    4. Healthy Paws – The best system for submitting claims
    5. PetPremium – A longstanding insurance provider in the industry
    6. Embrace – Responsive customer service team
    7. PetPlan – Range of much-loved features
    8. PetAssure – Covers all medical procedures
    9. Spot – Doesn’t have an upper age limit
    10. Pumpkin – No add-on fees

    How We Selected the Top Ten Cat Insurance Companies

    In order to find the best cat pet insurance plans on the market, we check for the following things:

    • We check out the track record of the cat pet insurance provider for dependability.
    • We look through the plans the company offers and are there any limitations to enrollment for your cats, such as age limits or pre-existing condition coverage.
    • We evaluate the waiting periods since usually you can’t just sign up for cat insurance and get coverage on that same day.
    • We check whether or not the pet insurance company requires a veterinary exam before the coverage for your cat can begin.
    • We evaluate the pricing of the cat insurance policy since pricing is one of the biggest factors that pet owners consider when buying insurance.

    Top Cat Insurance

    We’ve gone through every insurance provider out there for cats, and after much deliberation, these are our top 10 that we recommend going with. 

    1. Pawp - Any emergency at any time.pawp


    • Covers all emergencies
    • Provides up to $3000 emergency funding
    • Up to six pets per plan
    • 24/7 Online Access to licensed vets


    • Wellness coverage

    Cats don’t always get sick during business hours, so it pays to have vets available online for consultation 24/7. Pawp does exactly that, and also covers all emergencies that your pet might find itself in. Plus, you can cover up to six pets with each plan.

    Learn more here. 

    2. PetFirst - Quick accident coverage and a multi-pet discount.


    • Coverage for accidents within 24 hours
    • Discounts for multiple pets
    • Deductibles are low
    • Reliable online knowledgebase


    • Low annual limits

    PetFirst is the first choice for thousands of Americans looking for comprehensive yet affordable coverage for their pet cats. With quick accident coverage and a multi-pet discount, you’ll get virtually all you need from a policy with this insurance provider.

    Read more about PetFirst here in our review. 

    3. Eusoh - Unique community-based insurance.Eusoh Logo


    • Transparent on pricing
    • No age limit
    • Can use any vet
    • Comprehensive treatment coverage


    • Plans aren’t customizable

    Eusoh is quite unique in that it’s a community-based cat care provider. While this means plans are fixed and can’t be customized, it does come with its own perks, like being able to use any vet as well as a wide range of treatments being covered. 

    Read more about Eusoh here.

    4. Healthy Paws - Easy claims and fast reimbursements.


    • Claims are easy to submit
    • Reimbursements are quick
    • Unlimited lifetime coverage
    • Customer ratings are high


    • No wellness plan

    From accidents to emergency care, Healthy Paws is an ideal insurance provider when it comes to full-scale coverage. With easy claims and fast reimbursements, as well as up to 90% off vet fees, you’d do right to pick this provider to care for your cat. 

    Learn more about Healthy Paws here.

    5. PetPremium - Suitable for any price range.


    • Personalized coverage
    • Wellness is available
    • All budgets accepted
    • Behavioral care available


    • Continued care restrictions

    PetPremium is a longstanding insurance provider that specializes in tailored policies and working for all budgets. Coverage also includes less-common perks like behavioral care and it even supports wellness treatment and exams. There’s a reason it’s been a favorite since it was established back in 2013. 

    Find out more in our review. 

    6. Embrace - Elite policies for cats since  2003.Embrace Pet Insurance Logo


    • Rewards programs
    • Responsive customer service
    • Deductible at no extra cost
    • Exam coverage


    • Doesn’t cover pre existing conditions

    Embrace has been providing reliable insurance policies for cats since back in 2003. It’s remained so popular due to its trusted customer support team as well illness exam coverage, among other perks like its rewards programs. It’s always good to get a little something back for your money.

    Find out more about Embrace here.

    7. PetPlan - No claims limit and many other features.


    • Coverage across USA and Canada
    • No limit on claims
    • Exam fees are covered
    • Covers advertising for lost pets


    • No discount for multiple pets

    Though there’s no multi-pet discount, PetPlan keeps its customers happy with a range of much-loved features. Being covered when moving between Canada and the USA is one thing, but having no limits on claims is what makes it really stand out.

    Get the full picture on PetPlan here.

    8. PetAssure - Many unique benefits.PetAssure Logo


    • No deductibles
    • Pre-existing conditions are covered
    • Multi-pet discount
    • All medical procedures are covered


    • Not typical pet insurance

    Though it doesn’t technically provide pet insurance, PetAssure is a worthwhile alternative as it provides a lot of features that many insurers don’t. With zero deductibles, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and all procedures, it’s one of the best out there to take care of your cat.

    Learn more here.

    9. Spot - Set your own reimbursement options. Spot


    • Covers supplements and prescriptions
    • Multiple reimbursement options
    • Multi-pet discount
    • No upper age limits


    • Doesn’t cover exotic pets

    Being able to set your reimbursement options is just one reason that Spot makes it on our list. Though a pretty new insurance provider, having started in 2017, it offers comprehensive insurance and even covers your pet’s supplements and prescriptions should they need it.

    Read more on Spot here.

    10. Pumpkin - Make your cat covered in almost every scenario. Pumpkin Logo


    • Most procedures are covered
    • No upper age limit
    • Multi-pet discount
    • Covers dental


    • No choice on reimbursement rates

    You never know what could go wrong with your pet, so having the reassurance that virtually all procedures are covered with Pumpkin really goes a long way. Plus, if you own multiple cats, you’ll even get a discount. Having no choice on reimbursements seems like less of an issue.

    Find out what we think about Pumpkin in our review.

    How Does it Work

    If just thinking about insurance makes your head ache, adding cat insurance to the mix might seem unnecessarily torturous. The truth is, though, that cat insurance has nothing to do with the mountains of paperwork and painful bureaucracy that can sometimes characterize human health insurance.

    To purchase a cat insurance policy for your cat or kitten, all you have to do is go online and browse cat insurance companies. By simply providing a few details about yourself such as your email address and zip code and some basic information about your kitty – such as breed, age, and whether they’ve been neutered – you get a personalized monthly price quote delivered to your inbox almost instantaneously.

    As with most types of health insurance you have some control over the variables that influence how much your cat insurance plan will cost. Cat insurers give you a number of options to choose from in terms of your

    • Deductible – the initial sum you have to pay before your cat insurance can kick in
    • Premium – the monthly or annual amount you pay in addition to the deductible and
    • Reimbursement – the percentage amount your cat insurer will pay for each treatment/procedure covered in your policy.

    Certain cat insurance companies also make you choose an annual monetary limit for them to cover – if you happen to exceed that limit, you’ll be on your own for vet and hospital payments for the remainder of that year.

    Why Do I Need Cat Insurance?

    If you are a cat parent, you probably need cat insurance. Cat insurance empowers you to get the treatment you need for your cat, when you need it. As with any insurance, you can have months and even years when you barely have to submit a claim. However, cat insurance means you’re financial prepared for anything your cat has to throw at you: late night visits to the veterinary ER, lengthy hospital stays, chemotherapy.

    Though we might not usually think about healthcare in terms of dollar signs, these treatments add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars. By paying a reasonable monthly or annual sum to a cat insurer, you don’t need to think twice about getting your kitty the help she needs.

    If you happen to be a cat parent of more than one cat, cat insurance is that much more important. Not only do many cat insurers offer multiple pet discounts, but you can rest assured that all of your cats have access to timely life-saving healthcare.

    What Does it Cover?

    The coverage you get from your cat insurer depends on the type of plan you decide you need for your cat. Some cat insurers give you the option of insuring only certain conditions, such as cancer or surgeries. Overall, the majority of cat insurance companies let you choose an accident-only plan, an illness-only plan, or a comprehensive plan that includes both.

    Since we can’t yet predict whether our cat is going to get sick, get injured, or both, our cat is insured with a comprehensive plan. Here are the basic conditions and treatments a comprehensive cat insurance plan should cover:

    • Emergency room visits and hospitalization
    • X-rays and ultrasounds
    • Surgery
    • Blood tests
    • Chronic and congenital conditions
    • Specialist appointments

    Some cat insurers include additional services, such as exam fees and prescription drugs, within their comprehensive plans. Typically, wellness care such as grooming, checkups and flea treatment is available as a separate plan, and dental care, if offered, is generally also only available under a separate policy.

    Cats over the age of 14 won’t be eligible for most cat insurance, and premiums can go up as cats age and are more liable to fall ill or get injured. Nevertheless, if your cat is insured before the age of 14 your insurance company will continue to provide health insurance for her for as long as she lives (and as long as you keep paying your premiums).

    Is Cat Insurance Worth It?

    If you’ve read up until this point, you know that cat insurance is very worth it. The peace of mind you get knowing your cat’s health requirements can be met to the fullest by purchasing a cat insurance policy is matched by the ease with which you can purchase and manage this policy online.

    It’s true that coverage details vary from cat insurer to cat insurer. Some cat insurers directly pay the reimbursement to the vet so you don’t have to take large sums out of your checking account, while others offer programs for your cat insurance to be included in the family insurance plans your employer offers. A number of cat insurance companies process claims in 48 hours, some can take approximately 10 business days.

    However, in spite of the different features and prices each cat insurer has to offer they all have one thing in common: they enable you to provide the highest level of healthcare to the cat members of your family no matter how sudden the onset of a condition is and the price tag attached for treating it.

    Common Health Issues Cat Insurance Should Cover

    Like humans, cats are unfortunately susceptible to a great many diseases and can get injured in a variety of ways. Luckily, you don’t need to be a veterinarian to understand whether a cat insurer provides adequate coverage. Here are the top cat health conditions that you want a cat insurer to cover:

      • Car accident-related injuries
      • Injuries related to a fall
      • Cancer
      • Common cat viruses such as FeIV and FIV
      • Ringworm
      • Pneumonic infections
      • Genetic and chronic conditions

    While there are many other health issues that can impact your cat, the above list should give you a good indication of a cat insurer’s breadth of coverage.


    What cat insurance add-ons should I consider?

    Besides making sure that the vet’s treatments and fees are covered, there are lots of extras you can add to your policy, including boarding fees, travel insurance, loss and theft cover, holiday cancellation, and death.

    What are the most common cat health problems?

    Some common illnesses that could affect your cat include eye problems, upper respiratory infections, diabetes, feline lower urinary tract diseases (FLUTD), and vomiting and diarrhea.

    Can I find insurance that covers my cat’s pre-existing medical conditions?

    Most cat insurance companies won’t include coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. However, there are some insurance providers that will be able to offer you this type of coverage as well.

    Can I get pet insurance for my older cat?

    Yes, there are pet insurance providers that offer coverage for older cats. However, keep in mind that since older cats usually need more medical care, the premium is usually more expensive.

    Does my location have an effect on the price of cat insurance?

    Yes, location is a factor that affects the cat insurance price. The reason for this is because vet treatments in different parts of the country vary depending on where you live.