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    Best Cheapest Cat Insurance

    Every responsible cat owner knows that keeping      cats incurs      costs. Some people think they can’t afford to buy      cat insurance, when the reality is that they can’t afford not to! To make sure no      one gets left out, we’ve dedicated this space to pinning down the best cheapest cat insurance around.

    What Is the Cheapest Cat Insurance?

    Figuring the cheapest cat insurance can be challenging because every cat is different.      Our research shows that the cheapest cat insurance is Pet Best. We came to this conclusion after analyzing costs of many insurance plans, the coverage level      and the rate of reimbursement for humble cat owners everywhere.

    Top Cheapest Cat Insurance

    We reviewed a lot of pet insurance companies to find the cheapest coverage for cats. Here are our top 10 companies:

    1.    Pets Best



    • Their cat health insurance plans start as low as $6 per month.
    • They offer a variety of coverage choices.
    • They offer 2 optional routine care plans.
    • No upper age limits.


    • Your cat’s age and breed will affect the premium.
    • Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

    Pets Best is the cheapest cat insurance provider we could find. Their plans start at only $6 per month for accident only cover. Plans that include more comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses average between $22 and $46 per month. They offer over 100 customizable plans, so you can customize      your coverage to insure the areas that are most important for your cat. There is a lot of flexibility offered with their plans, so you can choose the annual limit, deductible, and reimbursement percentage that best fits your budget. They also let you make changes to your plan whenever needed.      

    Check out Pets Best here:

    2.    Embrace

     Embrace Pet Insurance Logo


    • You can work with any vet.
    • Good coverage for emergencies.
    • You get coverage of up to $1000 per year for dental treatment.
    • Behavioral therapy is included.


    • You can’t get reimbursed for regular check-ups.
    • The price will rise for specific breeds. 

    This is a pretty affordable insurance option given the coverage it provides, which includes emergencies, surgery, hospitalization, cancer treatments, prosthetic limbs, or prescription medication. You can get a quote to understand how much you’ll have to pay based on your cat’s breed and age. To pamper your cat the way it deserves, you can use Embrace’s wellness package that will also include routine examinations and dental cleaning services. You get coverage of up to $1000 per year for your cat’s dental problems.

    Check out cheap cat insurance at Embrace:

    3.    Pet First


    •      The age or breed of your cat doesn't matter. 
    • Straightforward reimbursement process.
    • Short waiting period to get reimbursed.
    • Customizable plans.
    • Veterinary examinations are covered.


    • They don’t cover pre-existing conditions.
    • They don’t cover elective procedures.

    Pet First provides customizable plans you can adapt to the specific needs of your cat     and your budget! You can change your plan whenever you like to add extras such as routine and alternative care treatment. Your cat will be covered for accidents, x-rays, ultrasounds      and hospitalization. Veterinary examinations are also covered by Pet First, as well as chronic and hereditary conditions that often affect older cats. 

    Check out Pet First cat insurance rates here:

    4.    Pet P



    • There are no restrictions on the veterinary you can choose.
    • Sick visits and examinations are covered.
    • You can get reimbursed for prescription medications.
    • Your cat can benefit from coverage for holistic therapy.
    • Prescription medication is covered.


    • You can’t include regular check-ups or preventive care in your plan.
    • Cats with pre-existing conditions are not covered.

    The average price for this insurance is around $25 per month, which makes it an affordable option for cat owners. The age and breed of your cat will play a factor in determining the cost of your insurance. They provide cover for sick visits, chiropractic appointments, cancer treatment, surgery, rehabilitation      and hydrotherapy. Cats as young as 6 weeks old are eligible for insurance. Hereditary and chronic conditions are also included in the insurance plan. Their plan includes cover for emergencies and if you need to take your cat to a specialist. 

    Get your cat a personalized Pet Plan quote here:

    5.    Healthy Paws     


    • Reimbursement of up to 90%.
    • There are no yearly limits for payouts.
    • Short waiting period to get reimbursed.
    • You can go to any vet. 


    • Your cat’s pre-existing conditions are not eligible for reimbursement.
    • Age limit as eligibility criteria. 

    Healthy Paws offers coverage in case of emergencies and accidents and reimbursements of approximately 90%. The average waiting time for pet owners to get reimbursed is only 2 days. You can use the company’s app to easily submit your claim, stress—free, with zero paperwork. If your cat suffers from chronic or hereditary conditions, you can also benefit from coverage, as long as the condition is not pre-existent. Unfortunately, regular check-ups and consultations are not included. However, one downside is that if your cat is over 14 years old, they are not ineligible.

    Visit Healthy Paws for cats here:

    6.    Pet Assure

     PetAssure Logo


    • Costs are discounted instantly from your vet bills.
    • Cover includes regular check-ups.
    • There is no age limitation for your cat to qualify.
    • Pre-existing conditions are included.


    • It doesn’t offer      the same level of coverage as regular insurance.
    • Some specialists and take-home medications aren’t covered.

    Pet Assure is an alternative to insurance in that it is a discount card that you use at the vet, rather than it providing all-round insurance coverage. You don’t have to wait to get reimbursed, the discounts are granted immediately, when you pay at your veterinarian's office, and there is no limit to the number of times you can use the card per year. It provides cover for pre-existing conditions and has no age exclusions. You get less coverage then with regular insurance, but this is a great alternative if you don’t have time to look for insurance providers, complete the necessary paperwork to register your cat or claim money, or if your pet is old and no longer qualifies for regular insurance. 

    Purr your way to Pet Assure here:

    7.    Pawp



    • Practical examination process via video call.
    • Modern, time-saving system. 
    • You can include up to 6 cats in the same plan.
    • Safety net of up to $3000 per year.


    • You need to work with their vets.
    • Emergency coverage only.

    This is a modern system that’s suitable for busy, tech-savvy cat owners. If you want to benefit from what Pawp insurance can offer (in case of emergency), you need to go through a video call with one of Pawp’s vets. They will assess your cat’s state and if they decide the pet is in an emergency situation, you can take her to the vet. You can benefit from up to $3000 coverage for emergencies, an amount that can be used once a year. This is a great choice for emergencies, regular check-ups are not covered.

    Sneak a peek at Pawp cat insurance costs:

    8.    Eusoh

     Eusoh Logo


    • Telehealth services are available round the clock.
    • Any vet’s services are covered.
    • You only pay 20% of your vet bills.
    • You get help from a community of pet owners.
    • No eligibility restrictions.


    • You can’t get reimbursed for de-sexing interventions. 
    • A portion of your bill will always be covered by you. 

    Eusoh is not pet insurance – it’s a community plan – but we’ve included it because it offers many similar benefits. You benefit from the contributions of other members, who also benefit from yours     . A wide array of services can be reimbursed including those related to hereditary and chronic conditions, vet appointments, emergencies. Regular vet appointments for your cat are included, as are wellness expenses. With this community plan, you need to pay 20% of your vet bills and the remaining 80% is covered by Eusoh. The maximum fee you can get charged is only $65 per month. 

    Meow your way to the Eusoh website:

    9.    Spot



    • Offers      an optional preventative care inclusion.
    • Provides      covers for veterinary appointments.
    • Insures      some special diets and supplements.
    • Covers the cost of microchipping.


    • This insurance doesn’t include      pre-existing conditions.
    • Where you live may affect the cost of the premium.

    Spot promises up to a 90% refund of the cost of your vet bill. They cover accidents and emergencies like if your cat suffered a broken bone or ate something potentially toxic. They also provide cover for hereditary conditions (not including pre-existing ailments), illnesses like cancer and arthritis, some behavioral treatments like medication for anxious cats and the cost of microchipping. Alternative therapies like acupuncture or chiropractic care will be covered as long as they relate to a covered condition. Old cats also qualify for this insurance. They don’t provide cover for pregnancy care.

    Spot cat insurance:

    10.    Pumpkin

     Pumpkin Logo


    • You can take your cat to any vet you want to.
    • Fast online claim submission process. 
    • Up to 90% reimbursement.
    • Emergency and hereditary diseases coverage.


    • You can’t get reimbursed for preventive care treatment.
    • Dental cleaning services are not covered.

    Some of the most common health problems your kitty might suffer from such as chronic diseases, digestive problems, or skin conditions are covered. You can get as much as 90% of your money back with this insurer that’s available for any cat breed and also offers discounts for cat families. They also provide emergency cover and will contribute towards the costs of your cat’s stay at      a hospital. If your cat is susceptible to inherited or hereditary conditions, these will be looked after, as will any dental illness or behavioral issues. 

    Head to the Pumpkin website here: