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    Best Cheapest Dog Insurance

    Every responsible dog owner knows that keeping dogs incurs costs. Some people think they can’t afford to buy dog insurance, when the reality is that they can’t afford not to! To make sure no one gets left out, we’ve dedicated this article to sniffing out the best, cheapest, dog insurance around.

    What is the cheapest dog Insurance?

    Figuring out the cheapest dog insurance cover can be challenging because every dog is different. But our research shows that the cheapest dog insurance is Pet Best. We came to this conclusion after analyzing costs of insurance plans, the coverage level and the rate of reimbursement for humble dog owners everywhere.

    Top Cheapest Dog Insurance

    We reviewed a lot of pet insurance companies to find the cheapest coverage for dogs. Here are our top 10:

    1.    Embrace

     Embrace Pet Insurance Logo


    • Any vet’s services qualify for coverage.
    • Generous coverage for multiple health problems. 
    • Suitable for Purebred dogs. 
    • Extra services such as behavioral therapy are included. 


    • The basic plan excludes routine vet appointments.
    • You have to pay extra for vaccination coverage.  

    Embrace Pet is a relatively cheap insurance provider that offers generous coverage in case of emergencies or accidents, but also reimbursement for regular prescription medication. Treatment for severe illnesses such as cancer is also included in the coverage. To learn what your options are, you can get a quote on the company’s website, as different factors such as your dog’s age or your location will influence the cost. The company also offers a great wellness package that includes multiple benefits (e.g., behavioral therapy). Since dogs are prone to develop dental problems as they age, you can also get insurance for up to $1000 per year for dental care. 

    Check out cheap dog insurance at Embrace:

    2.    PetFirst



    • Dogs of any age qualify for this insurance. 
    • Clear and straightforward reimbursement process. 
    • They process claims pretty fast. 
    • You can customize your dog’s insurance plan. 


    • They don’t cover pre-existing conditions.
    • They don’t cover elective procedures.

    Pet First offers a wide range of plans and will personalize them to suit the needs of your dog; as well as      your budget! Because you know your dog better than anyone else, Pet First lets you choose the cover that’s best suited for your dog. Your dog will be covered for accidents, ultrasounds, x-rays, or hospitalization costs. Wellness and routine services can be included in the insurance, as well as chronic or hereditary conditions, and veterinary examinations. 

    Check out Pet First dog insurance rates here:

    3.    Pet Plan



    • You can use your local registered vet.
    • Unlike other insurance options, this one includes vet examinations. 
    • They provide cover for prescription medications.
    • Your dog can benefit from holistic therapy with this insurance.


    • You can’t get reimbursed for routine visits.
    • Pre-existing conditions are not included.

    Pet Plan offers reasonably priced plans for dogs that average around $25 per month. The price you have to pay for this insurance will vary based on your dog’s breed and age. They provide cover for sick visits, chiropractic appointments, cancer treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. Even puppies that are only 6 weeks old can be included in the insurance. Pet Plan provides generous coverage that basically helps you take care of all your dog’s needs while remaining within your budget. Hereditary and chronic conditions, accidents or other emergencies and prescription medications are covered.

    Get your dog a personalized Pet Plan quote here:

    4.    Pets Best



    • Their dog health insurance plans start as low as $9 per month.
    • They offer a variety of coverage choices.
    • They offer 2 optional routine care plans.
    • No upper age limits.


    • Your dog’s age and breed will affect the premium.
    • Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

    Pets Best is one of the cheapest dog insurance providers we could find. Their plans start at only $9 per month for accident only cover. Plans that include more comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses average between $35 and $58 per month. They offer over 100 customizable plans, so you can customize      your coverage to insure the areas that are most essential for your dog. They      offer flexibility with their plans, so you can choose the annual limit, deductible, and reimbursement percentage that best fits your budget. They also let you make changes to your plan whenever you need to.

    Check out Pets Best here:

    5.    Healthy Paws 



    • Approximately 90% of the vet bills is covered.      
    • Claims are processed quickly. 
    • You can use any vet.
    • A wide range of health problems are covered. 


    • Dogs with pre-existing conditions don’t qualify.
    • Old pets don’t qualify.

    Healthy Paws enjoys great customer reviews and has an extensive experience of more than 10 years. The array of services you can get covered for include emergencies, chronic disease, hereditary diseases, or accidents. Regular vet visits are not included. To submit a claim, all you have to do is use Healthy Paws’ mobile app. The waiting time to get reimbursed is approximately 2 days. You typically get reimbursed for up to 90% of the cost of your bill. 

    Visit Healthy Paws for dogs here:

    6.    Pet Assure



    • You can enjoy instant discounts with this service.
    • Unlike other companies, they cover regular check-ups.
    • There are no age-based restrictions.
    • They also cover dogs’ pre-existing conditions.


    • Doesn’t offer the same level of coverage as regular insurance.
    • Not all specialist visits are covered. 

    Pet Assure is an alternative to regular insurance. You are able to benefit from this service in the form of a discount card. Once you pay for your dog’s vet services, the discount will immediately be applied and you will pay less. There are multiple advantages in using this service, despite the fact that it is not as comprehensive as typical insurance plans. You can use the card as often as you want to, for any dog, and you can also get covered for pre-existing conditions. 

    Woof your way to Pet Assure here:

    7.    Pawp



    • Professional vet assistance via video chat
    • Ideal for dog emergencies
    • Available for up to 6 dogs.
    • Safety net of up to $3000


    • The first vet you go to has to be one of their members.
    • You don’t get covered for routine visits. 

    This is actually an emergency fund that doesn’t work like typical insurance. To benefit from their services, you have to get a video chat appointment with one of their vets first. After a specialist evaluates your pet and decides it is a case of emergency that needs medical attention, you can start benefiting from this fund. The maximum coverage you can use once per year is $3000. This service works solely for emergencies

    Sneak a peek at Pawp dog insurance costs:

    8.    Eusoh



    • Any dog can qualify for their support.
    • They work as a community of pet owners. 
    • You can choose any vet.
    • Hereditary conditions are covered.


    • A percentage of your bills will be covered by you.
    • You don’t get discounts. 

    Eusoh functions as a community plan where multiple pet owners bring their monthly contributions and, when one member’s dog gets sick and requires medical assistance, the community will help pay for the bills. However, regular vet appointments can also be reimbursed. The amount you get reimbursed for is 80%. The membership fee is a maximum $65 per month.

    Wag your tail all the way to the Eusoh website:

    9.    Pumpkin



    • Any vet is suitable for you to enjoy this insurance. 
    • The claim process is fast and easy. 
    • Reimbursement of up to 90%
    • Great choice for emergencies. 


    • Preventative care or supplements are not covered.
    • Do not provide cover for dental cleaning.

    Pumpkin is available for dogs as young as 8 weeks old. You can get reimbursed for up to 90% of your vet expenses. The insurance covers a wide array of health problems and is also available in case of emergency. Hospitalization costs are also included, as well as inherited or hereditary conditions, and even behavioral therapy. No matter what breed your dog is, they will qualify for Pumpkin. You can also benefit from discounts for multiple pets. 

    Learn more here:

    10.   Spot



    • Has an optional preventative care inclusion.
    • Provides      covers for veterinary appointments.
    • Insures      some special diets and supplements.
    • Covers the cost of microchipping.


    • Doesn’t provide cover for pre-existing conditions.
    • Where you live may affect the cost of the premium.

    Spot promises up to a 90% refund of the cost of your vet bill. They provide coverage for accidents and emergencies - like if your dog suffers a broken      bone or eats      something potentially toxic. They also provide cover for hereditary conditions (not pre-existing ailments), illnesses like cancer and arthritis, and even some behavioral treatments like medication for anxious dogs. Acupuncture and chiropractic care will be covered as long as they relate to a covered condition. They also cover microchipping costs. They have no upper age limit so you can still take out insurance for older dogs. Pregnancy care is not covered.

    Spot dog insurance: