Embrace VS. Healthypaws Comparison

Embrace vs. Healthy Paws Comparison 2021

Learn all about the benefits of having pet insurance and which company we think is best. Here we compare Embrace and Healthy Paws pet insurance companies.

Our review method

We researched each pet insurance provider thoroughly, comparing each company on the basis of what we liked and what we didn’t. See the chart below to find which company we preferred.

Overall winner


Healthy Paws










Customer Service



Overall Winner



Even though we found Healthy Paws to be the winner, Embrace is still a worthy choice. Please read our complete review and see which pet insurance provider is best for you and your pet

EmbraceEmbrace Pet Insurance Logo


  • Covers exam fees
  • Flexibility when choosing plans
  • Covers breed-specific conditions
  • Online vet visits are covered


  • Poor customer reviews
  • High premiums as pet ages

Here, I’ll be covering everything Petplan has to offer. I’ll be going over their plans, rates, and customer service options.

  • Petplan prides itself on its coverage. Unlike other providers, exam fees, online vet visits, and dental work are all covered. Customers Advocate compared Petplan to other top providers and concluded that it provides the most comprehensive coverage.
  • Petplan only allows you to purchase one plan, so keep that in mind when comparing costs. The plan they offer includes complete coverage. You can tweak the annual rates, limits, and reimbursement, though. With a yearly deductible of $500, an unlimited limit, and 70% reimbursement, your one-year-old golden retriever would cost around $51.04 a month.
  • Petplan has a FAQ section that answers some of the fundamental questions that customers have. To speak with a live representative, you can call them or use the live chat bubble. You can talk to a “Sales” and “Existing Policy Support” team. Once you connect with an agent, Petplan will show you a phone number you can call to speak to the agent.


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Healthy Paws


  • The mobile app makes for quick claim payouts
  • High rated customer support
  • Covers routine care
  • Almost all claims processed within two days


  • It doesn’t have a live chat bubble
  • Plans aren't as customizable

Healthy Paws has high customer satisfaction and low costs but lacks in plan customization. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing this provider.

  • It covers accidents, illnesses, conditions, prescription medicine, cancer, and more. It doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, spaying, and neutering, preventive care, vaccines, or teeth cleaning.
  • It has incredibly fair prices. If you have an annual deductible of $500, unlimited limit, and 70% reimbursement, your one-year-old golden retriever can expect a monthly premium of around $32.
  • The customer service is top-notch, according to Customers Advocate. You can talk to a customer support agent via phone.

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Petplan vs. Healthy Paws Comparison Chart



Healthy Paws

Animals covered

Dogs and cats

Dogs and cats

Coverage type

Accident, illness, holistic therapies, dental

Accident, illness, and routine care


Around $51

Around $32

Waiting periods

15 days-6 months

15 days-12months

Network size

The United States and Canada

The United States, or while visiting Canada

Annual limits






Reimbursement amounts

70%-90% of the actual cost

70%-90% of the actual cost

Customer service

Live chat, phone


Additional services

Risk-free cancellations up to 30 days

Mobile app for speedy claim payouts

Our Honest Opinion About Healthy Paws

I’m confident with choosing this provider due to the high rate of customer satisfaction. I’d choose this provider over others because I know my pet will receive the best care at a low price. This is the reason I recommend this provider for your pet insurance.

Still Not Sure Which One to Choose?

I understand that picking the right pet insurance provider can be challenging. As a pet owner, pet insurance is an important decision. Check out our other pet provider comparisons to be informed of all the leading pet insurance providers so that you can feel comfortable with your choice.