Petplan VS. Eusoh Comparison

Eusoh vs. Petplan Comparison 2021

Choosing the right pet insurance plan can be a stressful process. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your plan doesn’t cover something your pet needs.

Review Method

I researched both of these pet insurance providers in-depth to give you a fair idea of which provider is right for you. They both provide quality insurance plans, so I’ve drawn some comparisons to help you choose between them.

Overall Winner












Customer service



Overall Winner



As you can see, Petplan comes out on top.  Their 24/7 customer service phone line, excellent non-standard coverage, and flexibility give them a leg up on the competition.  However, Eusoh is also a fantastic provider who may be better suited to your needs.  Read on to find out more about each provider and make an informed choice.

Eusoh Pet Insurance

Eusoh Logo


  • Everybody pays the same subscription fee
  • Lower in cost than most pet insurance
  • Great coverage in one simple plan
  • Maximum cost of $65 per month (average cost is much lower)


  • No customization of your plan
  • 30-day waiting period before you can make a claim
  • Reimbursements only occur on the 28th of each month

Eusoh is an alternative to traditional pet insurance. You pay a flat subscription fee plus a variable monthly contribution covering all the health care costs for all the pets in the network.  

  • Coverage: Eusoh’s plan covers injuries, illness, annual checkups, cancer, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, surgeries, prescription medications, alternative treatments, and wellness care.  The maximum yearly reimbursement is $8500.  The plan does not cover things like spaying and neutering, dental care, grooming, and routine medication.
  • Costs: Eusoh’s subscription fee costs $17 per month, and the average contribution over the last six months at the time of writing was $30.74 per month, for a total cost of $47.74 per month.  The annual deductible is $250.

Customer Service: Eusoh offers a customer service phone line from 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. They also provide email service 24/7.

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  • Extensive coverage
  • No initial sign-up fee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Claims can be submitted via the mobile app, mail, email, or fax


  • May be slightly more expensive than the competition depending on your deductible and other factors
  • In my opinion and research I couldn’t find anything else I would consider weaknesses

Petplan’s coverage is incredibly extensive; it will even cover advertising and rewards for lost pets or behavioral therapy. There is very little that they do not cover.

  • Coverage: Petplan has one of the most extensive coverage plans in the business.  It’s quicker to list what they do not cover: routine & wellness care, preventive care, pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, and liability coverage.  Almost anything else you could think of is covered. Does your dog need to see a chiropractor? It’s covered.  Does your cat have a broken tooth? She’s covered!  My dog Pepper will eat just about anything, so this level of coverage is incredible for putting my mind at ease.
  • Costs: According to their website, Petplan’s plans average around $35 per month for dogs and $25 per month for cats.  These prices will vary depending on various factors; your annual deductible and reimbursement cap. Your pet’s size, breed, and age, will impact your monthly rate.

Customer Service:  Petplan’s website is covered with glowing customer reviews about their customer service. Their phone line is open 24/7, and the consensus seems to be that their customer service agents are knowledgeable and helpful.  They have live chat, email, and social media options for less urgent issues for getting the service you need.

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Eusoh vs. Petplan Comparison Chart




Animals covered

Cats, dogs

Cats, dogs

Coverage type




Average $47.74 per month over the last six months

Average $35 per month for dogs and $25 for cats

Waiting periods

30 days

15 days

Network size


All US and Canada Licensed Vets

Annual limits






Reimbursement amounts



Customer service



Additional services

None that I could find

Advertising and rewards for lost pets

My Honest Opinion About Petplan

Nobody wants to think about the cost when it comes to making decisions about their pet’s well being. That’s why you should have pet insurance now. What Petplan offers is affordable, comprehensive coverage that is easy to understand.

Still Not Sure Which Provider to Choose?

If you’re reading this article, it means that your pet is important to you.  That means that this decision is an important one, and you should take the time to consider it properly.  If you’re not sure about these providers, visit our pet insurer comparison page for more options to find the right one for you.