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    Best Pet Dental Insurance in 2021

    Finding a policy you can afford for your animal is one thing, but getting one that meets your budget and includes dental is even harder to pin down. See which companies are the best for cats and dogs right here.

    pet dental insurance

    Does Pet Insurance Cover Dental?

    Not all insurance companies provide coverage for dental. Though you might find a plan that suits your budget, if dental is a dealbreaker, you might have to forgo a good deal in order to secure it. Some do provide it, though, and others offer it as an add-on.

    Does Pet Insurance Pay for Teeth Cleaning?

    If you’re able to secure dental as part of your pet’s insurance policy, you’ll want to be careful to ensure that teeth cleaning is included. Not all companies will include this while others provide it through the routine care clause of your policy. 

    Is Dental Coverage Worth It?

    If you’re able to add dental coverage to your policy then we’d highly recommend doing so. Sure, it promotes decent hygiene in your pet’s mouth, removes any potential for hygiene-borne illness, among other obvious benefits. But it’s also a key sign of a serious underlying issue.

     Best Dog Dental Insurance

    When it comes to dental for your dog, Pet First is no doubt the best at providing the comprehensive coverage you need. Founded in 2004, it’s one of the only companies out there that includes dental as part of pet insurance policies and can be bolted on affordably without making your policy too expensive. You can find other insurers that provide dental care for dogs here.

    Best Cat Dental Insurance

    Time to insure your new cat? Your best option for affordable and full coverage is Pawp without question. Though it hasn’t been operating for long, it’s already the first choice for thousands of Americans, not least for its digital consultations and the fact that it covers all medical emergencies, including dental. To get a look at the other companies that are providing this, just click here.