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    Best Dog Dental Insurance in 2021

    Written by Aneta Mircevska Updated on October 31, 2021

    Just like people, dogs can fracture or break their teeth. And just like humans, they can also get gum disease. The reason for this is that dogs have a more alkaline mouth, which promotes the formation of plaque. Another reason is that dogs typically don’t have their teeth brushed daily, unlike humans, so they are more likely to get gum disease. Now that you understand the mouth of your dog, you can see why you need pet insurance that covers dental service.

    Dental health is just as important for pets as it is for humans. But veterinary dental appointments for your dog can get expensive. That’s where dental insurance for dogs comes in. We’ve had a look at the top pet insurance companies to find the ones that provide the best dental cover.

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    Is Dog Dental Insurance Worth It?

    Regular teeth cleaning and routine check-ups with the vet are key to keeping your dog’s teeth healthy. These can help identify oral disease and dental issues – which are often signs of an underlying problem, or can lead to heart, liver, or kidney infections. Dog dental insurance can help cover these costs.

    Which Dog Insurance Covers Dental

    Because not all pet insurers cover dental costs, we’ve narrowed down our list of the best pet insurers that cover dental costs for dogs. And then we’ve worked through each of these to find out exactly what dental procedures they do and don’t provide coverage for.

    What is the Best Dog Dental Insurance?

    The best dog insurance is for dental coverage is Pet First. They include treatment of periodontal disease in their coverage. Plus, they are flexible and let you choose additional routine care coverage for teeth cleaning or polishing.

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    Quick Look

    Below, you can find the best dental insurance providers for your dog.

    1. PetFirst – Dog insurance starts from $15 per month.
    2. Pawp – You can access vets through video.
    3. Embrace – You can take your dog to whichever vet you like.
    4. Pet Assure – The coverage includes regular check-ups.
    5. PetPlan – It covers veterinary examination.

    How We Pick the Best Dog Dental Insurance

    Since not all pet insurance providers cover dental services, we’ve narrowed down the list of providers that cover dental costs as well. We combed through the different pet insurance providers that offer dental insurance, and we read through every detail of the policies to see the types of dental services they provide.

    Top Dog Dental Insurance

    We reviewed a lot of Dog Dental Insurance companies to see exactly what they offer, and this is our list of the top 10 providers:

    1. PetFirst - Flexible plans with wide dental cover.


    • Dog insurance from $15 per month.
    • They have a multi-pet discount.
    • All pets aged over 8 weeks are eligible for coverage.
    • You can include routine care coverage for teeth cleaning or polishing.
    • They include treatment of periodontal disease.


    • Doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.
    • Some dental costs are only covered if you take out additional care.

    Pet First insurance plans are flexible, and they let you choose the coverage, deductible, and reimbursement percentage that works best for you. Unlike many other pet insurers, Pet First covers the treatment of periodontal disease.

    If your dog gets in an accident or there is an emergency you will be covered, as well as if they need x-rays, ultrasounds, or hospitalization. And if you opt to sign up for Pet First’s Routine Rider Coverage, then teeth cleaning or polishing for maintenance purposes will be covered. You can change your plan whenever you like to have this extra coverage included.

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    2. Pawp - Covers any dental emergency at any time.pawp


    • Good for emergency situations.
    • Video chat access to a vet.
    • If you have more animals aside from your pug one plan covers up to 6 pets.


    • You have to use one of their vets as your 1st point of call.
    • They don’t cover regular check-ups or scheduled surgeries.

    Pawp is an emergency fund rather than regular pet insurance. Their process is first a video call with a Pawp vet, then if they deem the condition an emergency you can take your pug to any vet for treatment.

    Their safety net is up to $3000 to cover emergency costs for your pug, to be used once a year. The coverage is for things like if your pug eats something toxic, can’t breathe properly, or has an accident. They don’t cover for routine veterinary examinations. Basically, they are great for emergencies, but don’t cover the day-to-day needs of your pug.

    To learn more head to the Pawp review.

    3. Embrace - Offers any teath treatment your dog might need.Embrace Pet Insurance Logo


    • You can take your pug to the vet of your choice.
    • They cover for emergencies.
    • If your pug has specific problems, they will address this.
    • They cover for behavioral therapy.


    • Regular veterinary check-ups are not covered in the basic plan.
    • You need to take out optional additional coverage for vaccines.

    Embrace Pet Insurance provides a good level of basic care coverage for accidents and emergencies including any surgery or hospitalization your pug might need. To cover all the things your pug desires, you will probably have to add-on their wellness package which covers for routine veterinary examinations and essentials like teeth cleaning.

    That being said, dental illness is covered for up to $1000 per year, as are cancer treatments and costs associated with prosthetic devices. Prescriptions issued by your vet are also covered. The age of your pug is also important, as this will affect the cost of your insurance premium. 

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    4. Pet Assure - Wide dental cover and many other unique benefits.PetAssure Logo


    • Costs are discounted instantly from your vet bill.
    • Cover includes regular check-ups.
    • There is no age limitation for your pug to qualify.
    • Pre-existing conditions are included.


    • It doesn’t give you the same level of coverage as regular insurance.
    • Some specialists and take-home medications aren’t covered.

    PetAssure is an alternative to traditional insurance in that it is a discount card that you use at the vet, rather than providing all-round insurance coverage. There is no waiting period, and you can use the card as many times as you want. There are no claim forms to fill out as your vet applies the discount to your bill immediately.

    If your pug has a pre-existing medical problem this isn’t a problem, and there also aren’t any age exclusions. However, the level of cover isn’t as high as you would expect with dog insurance, so your savings won’t be quite as good comparatively. 

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    5. PetPlan - Treats dental problems in every stage of life. 


    • You can use your local registered vet.
    • Veterinary examination are covered.
    • They cover for prescription medications.
    • They include holistic therapy.


    • Regular/routine care is not covered.
    • Pre-existing conditions and preventative care are not covered.

    Petplan offers reasonably priced plans for pugs. The age of your dog will play a factor in the cost of your insurance, so it’s best to get a personalized quote. If your dog is sick, appointments for sick visits with the vet are covered. They also cover for chiropractic appointments, cancer treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation.

    If you have a puppy, you can start their insurance from when they are 6 weeks old. Petplan covers for hereditary and chronic conditions which some pet insurance doesn’t. Their plan includes cover for emergencies and if you need to take your pug to a specialist.

    Read more about PetPlan here.

    6. PetPremium - Make the best dental coverage plan for you.


    • You can use your own vet.
    • You can choose to add-on to the basic policy with a preventative care package.
    • They offer a discount if you have more than one pet insured with them.
    • If you include accident and emergency coverage these incidents have no waitlist.


    • Pre-existing conditions are not covered.
    • The age of your pug will affect the rate of your premium.

    Pet Premium offers basic cover for emergencies, accidents, and illnesses. You can choose to top up your cover for things like wellness and dental disease. You can use your own vet, and the claims process is straightforward. They pride themselves on transparency, so you will know exactly what you are covered for.

    Depending on the level of insurance you take out, if your pug is 12 years old or over, they might not be eligible. To get a clear idea of how much one of their policies would cost you will need to get a quote.

    Get the full picture of PetPremium right here.

    7. Healthy Paws - Protects your dog's teeth in case of emergency.


    • No yearly caps on payouts
    • Quick processing time.
    • Use your own choice of licensed vet.


    • Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered.
    • If your pug is 14 years or over, they are not eligible.

    Healthy Paws has a good reputation and has been around for over 10 years. They provide cover for emergencies and accidents, as well as some hereditary conditions like elbow dysplasia, and congenital conditions like liver disease. They don’t cover the cost of your regular visits to the vet, emergency examinations, or consultation style services.

    They also don’t cover for cleaning your dog’s teeth but will cover for dental care if it’s the result of an accident, like a chipped tooth. Reimbursements are usually calculated at approximately 90% of the cost of your bill, minus your yearly deductible. 

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    8. Eusoh - Go to any vet you want to treat your pet's dental health.Eusoh Logo 


    • They offer a 24 hour-a-day telehealth service.
    • When you join, you become part of the Eusoh community.
    • You can use your own vet.
    • They cover hereditary conditions.
    • Pugs of all ages are eligible.


    • De-sexing is not covered.
    • There are no discounts for multiple pets.

    Eusoh is not pet insurance, but it’s included in this list because it offers many of the same benefits. It’s a community plan, which means that you benefit from other member contributions, who also benefit from yours. They cover for hereditary and chronic conditions, as well as vet appointment fees for illness and injury.

    Regular appointments for your pug to see the doggy doctor are also included, as are wellness expenses. The way it works it that you pay 20% of your own costs, and the community reimburses you the remaining 80% with a maximum fee of approximately $65 per month. 

    To find out more about how Eusoh works see our review!

    9. Pumpkin - Wide dental problems covrage range.Pumpkin Logo


    • You can take your dog to the vet of your choice.
    • Claims can be submitted easily online.
    • They cover hereditary problems.
    • Provide good coverage for emergencies.


    • They do not cover for preventative care or supplements.
    • Do not cover for dental cleaning.

    Pumpkin pet insurance offers coverage for a wide range of ailments that could affect your precious pug including skin conditions, digestive problems, cancer, and diseases. They provide emergency financial assistance and will contribute to the costs of your pug’s stay in a hospital.

    If your pug has inherited or hereditary conditions these will also be looked after, as will any dental illness or behavioral issues. They promise up to 90% reimbursement of your vet bills and have a range of payment options. If you have a pug puppy, you can insure them from 8 weeks of age. 

    Learn more about Pumpkin

    10. Spot - Takes care of you dog's teeth with 90% refund. Spot


    • Has a preventative care optional inclusion.
    • Covers for veterinary appointments.
    • Insures for some special diets and supplements.
    • Covers the cost of microchipping.


    • Doesn’t cover for pre-existing conditions.
    • The age of your pug will affect the cost of the premium.

    Spot pet insurance promises up to a 90% refund on your vet bill. Their coverage looks after accidents and emergencies like if your pug broke a bone or ate something potentially toxic. They cover for hereditary conditions as long as they are not pre-existing ailments and include some behavioral treatments like medication for anxious pugs.

    And if your pug likes to be perfectly relaxed, alternative therapies like acupuncture or chiropractic, will be covered as long as they relate to a condition covered by the policy. And if your pug is getting on in years, they have no upper age limits.

    See if Spot is for you with our review.


    How many teeth does a dog have?

    Dogs have a total of 42 permanent adult teeth in their mouth.

    What breeds of dogs are predisposed to enamel effects?

    Predisposed breeds of dogs to enamel defects include Standard Poodles, Samoyeds, and Siberian Huskies.

    What are the signs of dental problems in dogs?

    Signs of dental problems in dogs include bad breath, loose teeth, vocalizing when they eat or yawn, blood on a chew toy, red or bleeding gums, bumps or lumps in the mouth, bloody or ropey saliva, head shyness (or when your dog doesn’t want you touching their head), sneezing and nasal discharge, and chewing on one side of their mouth.

    What should you do in order for your dog to keep a healthy mouth?

    In order to maintain a healthy mouth of your dog, we recommend good-quality dog food, daily chew time, daily tooth brushing, and annual oral examinations.

    What do you need to brush the teeth of your dog?

    In order to brush your dog’s teeth, all you need is some pet toothpaste (you can find pet toothpaste in many different flavors, including beef, poultry, peanut, seafood, and so on), a toothbrush since human toothbrushes are too big for the mouth of a dog, as well as some patience.