pet insurance by types

Best Pet Insurances By Type

It’s our mission to review all pet insurance providers out there, whether they’re for cats, dogs, or even birds. Finding the right policy on both budget and coverage isn’t easy, and often leads us to pick the lesser evil from the research we’ve done. Find the information you need here.

Best Dog Insurance

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dog insurance, and what you might not realize is that some policies work far better for certain breeds than others. If you’re looking to insure your new dog or are a bit late on getting coverage, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Best Cat Insurance

Cats are well protected - not just by their owners, but by insurance providers too. Policies for cats are easy to come by, it’s just a case of weighing up the level of coverage you want with the budget you’re prepared to set on this. 

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Best Horse Insurance

Horses require much more complex coverage since the issues you claim for can even be a direct result of your involvement with the animal, whether by riding it or through competition preparation. You’ll need an insurance company you can count on.

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Best Bird Insurance

Birds aren’t easy to insure - they come with a variety of individual problems and the age difference between subspecies can be quite contrasting. Lucky for you bird owners, we’ve reviewed all the providers out there - just see which one works best for you!

Best Exotic Pet Insurance

Whether you own a lizard or a snake; a tortoise or a tarantula, just like everyone else, you want to offer them the best life you can, as well as the best form of care. We’ve reviewed every insurer out there when it comes to exotic pets.

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