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    Best Dog Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

    If you have been looking to buy dog insurance, you will have noticed that most pet insurance providers don’t provide cover for pre-existing conditions. What exactly is a pre-existing condition? It’s any injury or illness that your dog had prior to taking out the insurance, which includes any associated ongoing costs. 

    What is the best Dog Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions?

    If your dog has a pre-existing condition, the best dog insurance for them is Embrace. This is because they will evaluate your dog’s pre-existing condition and distinguish between curable and incurable conditions. If your dog is without any symptoms for 12 months, and their condition is curable, they will provide cover.

    Top Dog Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

    We researched many           pet insurance plans      and here are the top 10 insurance providers for dogs with a pre-existing condition:

    1.    Embrace

     Embrace Pet Insurance Logo


    • Multiple dog health problems are included.
    • Some alternative treatments are also included. 
    • Your per can benefit from dental services with this coverage.
    • Up to 90% reimbursement.


    • Only accidents are covered for old dogs.
    • Waiting time for curable pre-existing diseases.

    With Embrace, you can personalize your dog’s insurance based on its needs. Dogs with pre-existing conditions are also covered. However, in their case, there will be a 12-months waiting period for you to be able to enjoy the coverage and only if the disease is curable. You can get reimbursements of up to 90%. It is easy to submit your claim. Regular vet visits, emergencies, or rehabilitation are covered.

    To see how Embrace can help your dog visit their website:

    2.    Pet Assure

     PetAssure Logo


    • Easy to access. 
    • Instant discounts. 
    • No age limits.
    • No waiting period. 
    • Routine visits and vaccinations are covered. 


    • Less comprehensive than regular insurance. 
    • Only around 25% savings off your bill. 

    This insurance is actually a card you can use at the vet and get instant discounts once you pay for their services. All types of in-house medical service are eligible for discounts and there are no age limits. All dog breeds qualify for this card, even if they suffer from pre-existing conditions. 

    See how much Pet Assure can save you on your dog’s pre-existing condition:

    3.    Pet Plan



    • Emergencies and different conditions are covered. 
    • Rehabilitation is also covered.
    • You can save hundreds of dollars per appointment. 
    • Dental insurance is included. 


    • Wellness care is not included.
    • No coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    Pet Plan provides generous coverage for numerous health problems your dog might suffer from, including hereditary conditions. You also get reimbursed for dental care services. Diagnostic tests, vet examinations, virtual vet session, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, hydrotherapy are just some of the services Pet Plan covers. If your dog suffers from an accident that requires emergency attention, you are also covered. The average cost is approximately $40 per month. 

    Find out more about Pet Plan’s exclusions:

    4.    Pet First



    • Hereditary conditions are included in the coverage.
    • Old-age conditions are included.
    • Hospitalization and surgeries get covered.
    • After 6 months, the insurance expands.


    • You wait for 30 days for the claim to be processed.
    • Preventative care is not included.

    Pet First provides flexible insurance plans. Diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart conditions, periodontal disease, eyes diseases, and other conditions that affect older dogs are included. It is very easy to submit a claim through Pet First’s website and, in case you have any questions, or you need help with your claim, the support department is available 7 days per week. 

    Head to the Pet First website for a free quote:

    5.    Spot



    • Has a preventative care optional inclusion.
    • Provides      covers for veterinary appointments.
    • Insures      some special diets and supplements.
    • Covers the cost of microchipping.


    • Doesn’t provide cover for pre-existing conditions.
    • The breed of your dog can affect the cost of the premium.

    Spot is a regular pet insurance provider and promises to reimburse up to 90% of the cost of your vet bills. They provide cover for accidents or emergencies. You may also get coverage for congenital conditions. Severe diseases such as cancer or common problems like arthritis, and even some behavioral treatments are covered. Pain relief is also covered, with alternative therapies (acupuncture, chiropractic) if they relate to a condition covered by the policy. Even if your dog is getting on in years, they have no upper age limit so you can still take out insurance. 

    Visit the Spot pet insurance website for a personalized quote:

    6.    Pet Premium



    • You get to use the vet you want to.
    • The insurance plans are flexible.
    • There are different ways to claim.
    • There’s an efficient system to track your claim. 


    • Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered. 
    • The insurance gets more expensive in time.

    You can choose from two types of coverage: total cover and accidents-only. The latter only applies in case of emergencies, the first is more comprehensive, however, it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. The total plan is flexible, and it can also include alternative and wellness therapies. You can easily track your claim online on Pet Premium’s website. 

    Visit Pet Premium to find out more:

    7.    Healthy Paws



    • No caps on payouts.
    • Mobile application for claim submission.
    • Wide range of conditions covered.
    • Most congenital conditions are included.


    • Long waiting period for hip dysplasia.
    • Pre-existing conditions can’t be covered.

    Healthy Paws doesn’t impose any annual caps on payouts and you can submit a claim very fast and easily through their app. They offer coverage for a wide range of circumstances: preventive care treatments, emergencies, dental health care, surgery, medications, x-rays, rehabilitation, etc. Unfortunately, regular vet examinations are not included. 

    The Healthy Paws website is one click away:

    8.    Pawp



    • Discounts for several pets.
    • Affordable plan for emergencies only.
    • Online consultations.
    • Up to $3000 coverage for emergencies. 


    • Scheduled surgeries are not covered.
    • Fewer options than what you get from regular insurance.

    Pawp works like an emergency fund. If your pet needs surgery or has suffered from and accident, Pawp covers for your medical bills. In case of life-threatening conditions and emergencies, you can benefit from a coverage of up to $3000. A vet will evaluate your dog online before you can access the funds. 

    Don’t call the ambulance! Head to the Pawp website:

    9.    Eusoh

     Eusoh Logo


    • Myriad conditions and services are covered.
    • 10/10 Consumer Voice rating.
    • Transparent fees and clear policies. 
    • Any vet is suitable for this insurance. 
    • Pets of any age qualify. 


    • Diet-related bills are not covered.
    • Pre-existing conditions are not included.

    Check out Eusoh here:

    10.     Pumpkin

     Pumpkin Logo


    • You can use any vet’s services and get reimbursed.
    • Different services are covered.
    • Hereditary conditions are included in the insurance.
    • 90% cashback reimbursement.


    • Pumpkin doesn’t reimburse bills related to pre-existing conditions.
    • Prices grow based on multiple factors.

    Pumpkin Pet offers comprehensive accident and illness coverage. You can get reimbursed for up to 90% of your bills in case of accident or disease. Preventive care services are also available, as extras. Hereditary conditions, dental problems, some wellness services, prescription food and even supplements can be reimbursed. 

    Compare Pumpkin pet insurance here: