Esurance Pet Insurance Review

Esurance is an insurance company best known for its home, auto, and life insurance, but thanks to a partnership with Petplan, it now offers a wide range of flexible pet insurance policies with comprehensive coverage. When your furry best friend has an accident or suddenly gets sick, Esurance’s policies ensure you’ll never have to worry about expensive vet bills.

Esurance Pet Insurance Review
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    What Does Esurance Pet Insurance Cover? 

    One comprehensive coverage plan protects your pet against everything you’d ever need to be worried about. Plans can be customized according to the deductible amount you want to pay, how much you want to be reimbursed by, and the conditions and treatments included as part of your plan. 

    Prescriptions, MRI scans, diagnostic testing, surgery and hospital visits, cancer treatment, hereditary conditions, dental treatment, chronic conditions, and alternative treatments such as reiki healing are all included as part of Esurance’s pet insurance policies. Dental treatment, which many pet insurance providers choose to avoid, is even included in Esurance's policies. 

    If you’re a cat owner, you’ll often worry about your feline companion going missing just as much as you’d worry about them getting ill. Thankfully, Esurance offers to pay for advertising costs and contribute money towards an award in the unfortunate event that your moggy ever goes missing. 


    • 24/7 customer service
    • Mobile app for quick and easy claims
    • Dental plans included


    • Six-month waiting period for hip dysplasia

    Esurance Pet Insurance Reimbursement and Deductibles 

    If you’re looking to reduce the cost of your monthly payments you can choose to pay an increased deductible. With Esurance, you can choose a deductible between $100 and $1,000. Reimbursement levels range from 70%–90%, with 90% being the sweet spot for a decent insurance plan. 

    Esurance Pet Insurance Waiting Period

    You’ll only have to wait five days until your insurance plan kicks in for accidents, which is great when you compare that to an industry average of 14 waiting days from most other pet insurers. Illnesses do have a 15-day waiting period and you’ll have to wait six months until you can claim any conditions related to cruciate ligaments and patella conditions. 

    How Much Does Esurance Pet Insurance Cost? 

    The price you pay for your insurance plan will vary dramatically depending on the condition your pet is in, where you live and the deductible and reimbursement figures you choose as part of your policy. On average, pet insurance for a medium-sized three-year-old mixed- dog breed costs just $30 a month for accidents and illness protection. That price can be brought down even further thanks to discounts for first responders and medical staff. 

    Customer Service and Satisfaction 

    If you have any questions about your policy, you can easily reach a member of the Esurance team 24/7 via cell phone or email. There’s also a useful FAQ section on the website, which is worth checking out in advance before you contact someone from the team. While the team is known for being responsive, the company does hold a relatively average rating of 3.7 on Trustpilot. 

    Our Rating – How Pawsome is Esurance Pet Insurance?

    Esurance is an affordable pet insurance provider, perfect for those of you who are working to a budget, especially with so many discount options available. That said, the waiting periods leave more to be desired, especially when pet insurance providers such as PetPremium and Healthy Paws offer one-day and two-day periods respectively. Esurance isn’t the only provider offering hefty discounts too. At the time of writing, you can pick up an additional 15% discount on medications through trusted supplier by choosing an insurance plan with Pet Assure.