GEICO Pet Insurance Review

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll do anything to keep your furry friends safe. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and vet bills can quickly add up. While you may not recognize the name GEICO, it's a subsidiary of a well-known pet insurer Embrace Pet Insurance Agency. GEICO provides insurance plans for pet owners that can be customized to suit their budget and their pet’s protection requirements.

GEICO Pet Insurance Review
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    What Does GEICO Pet Insurance Cover? 

    GEICO supports pet owners with comprehensive accidents and illness coverage that can be enhanced with wellness insurance too. Once you’ve decided what level of coverage you want, you’ll be able to alter your plan by choosing your annual limit, deductible, and reimbursement amounts. 

    When accidents do happen or your pet has to deal with a sudden illness, they’ll be covered against breed-specific conditions, cancer treatments for dogs and cats, diagnostic testing and imaging (such as X-rays and ultrasounds), surgery hospitalization and nursing care, ER specialist care, and veterinary exam fees. 

    The optional add-on Wellness Rewards is there to fend off unexpected nasties that can sometimes ramp up vet bills. It’ll keep your pet’s teeth bright white with teeth cleaning, protect against dangerous diseases with vital vaccinations, and cover you for annual check-ups to make sure nothing ends up slowing your pet down. 

    When traditional medicines don’t seem to be working, GEICO can even provide coverage for alternative therapies such as reiki and physical therapy. 


    • Lots of discounts available
    • Wellness coverage as an optional add-on
    • Alternative therapies such as reiki and acupuncture can be added


    • Six month waiting period for ligament and hip dysplasia

    GEICO Pet Insurance Reimbursement and Deductibles 

    There’s a lot of choices when it comes to deductibles, helping you to trim the cost of your monthly payments. Deductibles start at $200 and go all the way up every hundred to $1,000. Reimbursement amounts are 70%, 80%, and 90%. 

    GEICO Pet Insurance Waiting Period

    There’s a 14-day waiting period until you can make a claim and you’ll be waiting up to 14 working days to receive the money for any claims you submit. If you’ve got a dog that’s more likely to suffer from hip dysplasia, bear in mind there’s a six-month waiting period for the condition. 

    How Much Does GEICO Pet Insurance Cost? 

    The cost of your plan will depend on your location and your pet. You can tell GEICO all about your best buddy by visiting the website for a free quote. Insurance plans start from anything as little as $25 a month for cats and small dogs and go all the way up to $70 per month for older dog breeds that are more likely to succumb to genetic diseases. 

    Customer Service and Satisfaction 

    Reviews for GEICO are generally positive. We also looked at the parent company Embrace, which has very commendable comments from customers. If you do decide to take out a policy with GEICO and have any questions about it, you can contact the customer service team via phone but no instant chat is available through the website. 

    Our Rating – How Pawsome is GEICO Pet Insurance?

    If you have a relatively low-risk pet and you’re looking for an affordable plan, GEICO could be a good choice, but it’s important to check other insurance providers for the best deal. PetPremium has outstanding customer service reviews across the board, and if you’re not a fan of long waiting periods, Pet Assure lets you present your membership at participating vets for instant reimbursement! Healthy Paws is another great choice, with one simple and affordable plan offering all of the protection you could ever need.