Healthy Paws Review

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is an innovative pet insurer that goes above and beyond to give you excellent emergency care for cats and dogs in your family. The company’s comprehensive plan for accidents and illnesses has a nearly unheard-of no-limits policy, meaning that even if your furry friend has had a really unlucky year, you won’t have to worry about keeping them healthy. Filing claims through the app can be done within seconds, and payouts typically occur within the guaranteed two-day waiting period. 

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    What Does Healthy Paws Cover?

    Healthy Paws covers most types of unexpected illnesses and accidents that can befall your pet, as well as a wide range of treatments for these conditions. Illnesses include hereditary, congenital, and other issues, as well as cancer, on the condition that these did not present with symptoms before you signed up for coverage or during the stipulated waiting period. Treatments covered include X-rays, emergency care, and prescription medicines.

    Pros and Cons

    In general, we found that the benefits of Health Paws far outweigh its flaws. Still, no pet insurance plan is perfect, and it’s important to sign a contract with a pet insurance provider knowing what you have to look forward to as well as what the company does not yet cover.

    Healthy Paws Reimbursement and Deductibles

    Another advantage of Healthy Paws is the flexibility it gives you in setting up your premiums and your deductibles. The company lets you choose between 70% and 90% reimbursement, and you can set deductibles at $100, $250, and $500. Something to keep in mind is the correlation between your deductibles and your monthly premium. If you choose a lower deductible, you will receive more money in reimbursements. However, you will also be required to pay higher monthly premiums. Healthy Paws’ reimbursement process is incredibly simple. Just snap a photo of your vet bill with your smartphone and upload it through the company’s user-friendly app. Better yet, in 99% of the cases you should see the reimbursement money in your account within two days.

    Healthy Paws Waiting Periods

    Pet insurers have waiting periods built into their coverage structure, and Healthy Paws’ waiting periods are about average at 15 days for both accidents and illnesses. Hip dysplasia is a slightly more complex story. Not only does your pup need to have been covered by Healthy Paws insurance before the age of six, you also have to wait 12 months – and have no symptoms of hip dysplasia appear during this year – before your pooch is covered for the condition.

    How Much Does Healthy Paws Cost?

    Prices for Healthy Paws insurance vary according to whether you’re insuring a dog or a cat, with dog coverage costing slightly more than cats. Dog insurance prices start at around $33, and cat prices at around $18. Within the dog spectrum there are different variables that will impact your coverage, such as the age of the canine and his breed. In the case of both dogs and cats, other factors that come into play include what state you live in, as well as the premiums and deductibles you’ve selected. We’ve insured our 4.5-year-old Alaskan Husky, Sunny, for a monthly fee of $34.67 with Healthy Paws. While we know that this is not the cheapest plan on the market, Healthy Paws is one of the few pet insurers that offer no-limit plans, meaning that we would be able to take care of Sunny no matter what health curveballs come his way. Though this probably shouldn’t be a major expense for most pet parents, you should be aware that Healthy Paws does charge a $25 signup fee.

    Customer Service and Satisfaction

    Intuitive websites and apps are great, but as concerned pet parents we like to know there’s a human we can talk to if and when Sunny gets hurt or feels under the weather. So far, we’ve been really impressed with Healthy Paws’ customer support staff, who’ve been empathetic and patient every time we reached out with a question. Healthy Paw’s pet protection team is available by phone 6am to 6pm PST Monday through Fridays and 8am through 5pm PST. While the insurer doesn’t offer a wellness plan, it does have a regularly updated blog that offers practical pet grooming tips alongside playful pet pieces.

    Our Rating - How Pawsome Is Healthy Paws?

    To date, we have been very happy with Healthy Paws’ comprehensive pet insurance plan. The company’s premiums are fairly priced, and from our experience reimbursement is as speedy as the 2-day period the company lists. Unlike some pet insurers, Healthy Paws includes alternative treatments like hydrotherapy in its coverage, and we were happy to see that in certain cases Healthy Paws does do direct-to-vet pay. One important point for dog parents to consider before purchasing insurance through Healthy Paws is its hip dysplasia policies. If your pet is over six years old, and especially if she’s a breed with a genetic predisposition towards hip dysplasia, it’s worth looking for a pet insurance company that does cover the condition. All in all, Healthy Paws marries terrific coverage conditions with truly exceptional customer service. If (ok, when) we decide to get a canine companion for Sunny, we will definitely be coming back to Healthy Paws.