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Pet Assure is a somewhat unique offering on the pet insurance landscape, in the sense that it isn’t strictly an insurance product. Rather, Pet Assure provides a discount for a wide range of pet medical treatments for less than $8 per pet per month. In general, though, we’ve found that Pet Assure can be a great solution for families that want to make sure that they can afford top-notch healthcare for pets that aren’t cats or dogs. 

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    What Does Pet Assure Cover?

    Because it’s not your run-of-the-mill pet insurer, Pet Assure covers a lot of medical conditions and treatments. In addition to the standard accident and illness care, Pet Assure discounts dental cleaning, spaying and neutering, and diabetes management. The company is also unique in that you can use its discount for pre-existing conditions, something that’s almost unheard of with standard pet insurance solutions. What really made a difference for us, though, was that you can use Pet Assure’s discount for a wide selection of pets – including, as the company’s website notes, llamas. The one downside in terms of coverage is that Pet Assure only works with specific vets. However, there are thousands of vets that partner with the company, and you can also look into having your vet join the Pet Assure family.

    Pros and Cons

    As we noted above, Pet Assure’s exclusive status as a discount provider and not an insurer has benefits and downsides. Here’s what we think you should keep in mind when deliberating about Pet Assure.

    How Much Does Pet Assure Cost?

    One of the things we really appreciated about Pet Assure is how clear-cut their pricing system is. While typical pet insurers will take a number of elements into consideration to calculate premiums, such as the gender of your pet, how old it is, and where you live, Pet Assure has two simple factors it uses to determine premiums: how many pets you want to cover, and whether they are large or small animals.

    For one cat or a small pet, Pet Assure’s discount costs an annual fee of $79, while for one dog or another large animal such as a horse or llama, the discount will set you back $99 a year. While this is excellent pricing for what you’re getting, the discount really starts to be worthwhile when you have multiple pets you’re taking to the vet.

    The company’s family plan covers between 2-4 animals and costs $149 annually, and their unlimited plan covers every pet in your home for $199 a year. You can also choose to pay on a monthly basis, however, you will be paying approximately $3-5 more per month depending on the plan.

    Pet Assure Reimbursement and Deductibles

    Pet Assure is a pet healthcare discount provider, not a pet insurer, and as a result reimbursement and deductibles work a little differently. The company doesn’t do deductibles, and instead of reimbursements Pet Assure applies an instant discount of 25% to the bill at participating veterinary clinics.

    Pet Assure Waiting Periods

    Another remarkable feature of Pet Assure is its total absence of waiting periods. Other pet insurers have waiting periods that range from a few days to roughly a month. With Pet Assure, all you have to do is print out your ID card, show it to one of the company’s partnering veterinarians, and get your discount applied immediately. 

    Customer Service and Satisfaction

    Overall, Pet Assure’s customer service is above average. We have the sense that Pet Assure is actually staffed by pet parents based on the amount of empathy and genuine concern that radiated from the customer support reps we’ve spoken to.

    You can reach these helpful humans via the Pet Assure website’s ticketing option or by phone, 8am-6pm EST. Although some pet insurers do provide 24/7 customer support, the fact that Pet Assure doesn’t invoke waiting periods and that it applies real-time discounts for treatment within its vet network means that you shouldn’t really need the support team in an emergency situation.

    We also found the company’s pet illness guide to be a handy resource for getting a better understanding of what our pets are going through. While their blog isn’t updated very frequently, we like the down-to-earth posts and tips it features.

    Our Rating - How Pawsome Is Pet Assure?

    As an exceptional pet healthcare discount solution, Pet Assure really offers its members a lot for very low premiums. For less than $10 a month per pet (whichever plan you’re on), you receive 25% off treatment, no matter how many visits you’re making per year, whether the condition is pre-existing or what type of animal you have.

    For some pet parents, it may be worth considering using Pet Assure as a complement to a standard pet insurance plan. As the company itself notes, Pet Assure can be a cost-effective way to supplement treatments that are missing from standalone pet insurance products, such as pre-existing conditions, allergy or pregnancy care.

    Whether you’re choosing Pet Assure as a standalone product or as a booster for a separate pet insurance plan, the company really gives you value for your money and helps you get the healthcare you need for your pet for much less and with minimal fuss.