Petplan Review

With 42 years of experience in the field, Petplan is one of the oldest and most trusted pet insurance providers in the United States and Canada. Petplan is staffed entirely by pet parents, and the immense respect and love they have for pets shines through in everything it does. From almost unheard-of coverage to clear policy explanations to a rich resource section and affordable plans, Petplan is a major contender for the title of best pet insurer.

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    What Does Petplan Cover?

    We’d like to say this loud and clear – Petplan coverage is extensive. The pet insurer covers all of the usual bases: accidents and injuries, cancer treatments, diagnostic treatments, alternative therapies, surgery and hereditary and chronic conditions.

    What’s remarkable about Petplan is the amount of nonstandard treatments and conditions it covers: prescription medication, medical imaging, behavioral therapies, non-routine dental care, loss advertising and rewards, kennel fees and more are all covered under Petplan dog and cat therapies.

    As if this wasn’t enough, all of these goodies are bundled into Petplan’s very affordable packages. Though Petplan may not offer the cheapest pet insurance plans, its plans are well within industry standards while providing above-average coverage.

    Petplan Reimbursement and Deductibles

    Reimbursement and deductibles can be confusing, even for people who have experience dealing with human health insurance. While we’ll explain in brief here, you can always look at Petplan’s in-depth description of the process on its website in the “terms and conditions” section.

    If you’re new to health insurance, this is how premiums, deductibles, and reimbursement work together: you first pay a deductible, either annual or per-incident, before your coverage can kick in. The premium is the amount you pay every month or annually to the pet insurer, and the reimbursement rate is the amount the insurer pays out per covered condition.

    Petplan’s reimbursement and deductible system is in line with what you’ll get from other pet insurers. You set the annual limit, the annual deductible, and reimbursement rate, and are presented with a monthly premium. Higher annual caps, higher reimbursement rates and the lower deductibles will bump up your monthly premium payments.

    Petplan tries to make it as easy as possible to submit a claim using its intuitive mobile app, though you can also use snail mail, e-mail and fax to get your claim to Petplan. The Petplan reimbursement comes via check, typically within 5-14 days.

    Petplan Waiting Periods

    To prevent fraudulent claims, all pet insurers have waiting periods of different lengths built into their accident and illness plans. Petplan’s waiting periods are what you typically find with a pet insurer: 15 days for both illness and injury.

    There’s also an extended waiting period for hereditary conditions that are likely to afflict dogs and cats, including hip dysplasia, cruciates and patellas. Still, Petplan is well ahead of many competitors by agreeing to cover hip dysplasia at all.

    How Much Does Petplan Cost?

    The amount you’ll end up paying Petplan really depends on the parameters you set. For Nala, our 7-year-old domestic shorthair cat, we pay a monthly premium of $38.42. This plan comes with a $25,000 annual upper limit, a $500 deductible and an 80% reimbursement.

    There are ways to bring Petplan costs down. One way is by talking to your employer to offer Petplan as an employee benefit, so that your employer covers the Petplan costs instead of you. Another step you can take to lower costs is to pay your plan off in full annually instead of monthly installments. Finally, it’s worth noting that service pets, and pets belonging to veterans or actively serving military members are eligible for a discount.

    Customer Service and Satisfaction

    The glowing customer service reviews on Petplan’s website paint an accurate picture of the quality of service you’ll get throughout your relationship with Petplan. It meant a lot to us that every single person working in the company owns at least one pet and has experienced the pain of having a pet unwell firsthand.

    This translates over to Petplan’s customer care team availability: you can reach them by phone 24/7 to get helpful, knowledgeable answers about your policy in the moment. If you don’t need an answer right away, live chat, email, and social options will still get you in touch with an agent pretty quickly.

    Even if you don’t necessarily have any questions about a claim or your policy, the website has a rich body of knowledge relating to cat and dog healthcare. We especially like the condition checker tab, that lets us see which conditions Nala is prone to contracting as a domestic shorthair, while the fetch! blog and magazine offer an abundance of health tips for your pet.

    Our Rating - How Pawsome Is Petplan?

    We can’t recommend Petplan enough. Every aspect of Petplan’s health insurance has taken worried pet parents into consideration. The company uses clear language to explain its coverage and policies, and goes above and beyond in terms of including health conditions that aren’t usually covered by other pet insurers.

    If Petplan’s plans cost slightly more than its competitors in order to accommodate these conditions that’s fine by us – we’d rather know that we can take care of Nala come what may. The company’s pet-tacular plans are rounded off by its cheery support staff, who time and time again have made difficult situations easier for us by walking us through any questions we have had about eligibility and reimbursement.

    This veteran pet insurer has learned a lot of new tricks, all of which go towards removing any financial stress you’re experiencing so that you can just take care of your pet family members when they’re unwell.