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    Established in 2005, Pets Best has become a popular pet insurance provider thanks to its speedy reimbursement turnarounds and deep commitment to animal rescue and welfare. As the proud insurer of over 100,000 pets across the United States, Pets Best has to date paid members $200 million in claims.

    We initially checked out Pets Best insurance on a friend’s recommendation, and stayed with the company because of how simple it is to customize plans, the many conditions and treatments it provides, and its truly outstanding customer support package. In this Pets Best insurance review, we walk you through Pets Best’s coverage process, its standout features, and points to consider before purchasing a Pets Best plan.

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    What Does Pets Best Cover?

    Pet insurance is slowing wising up to the fact that pet parents appreciate variety and choice, and Pets Best does offer different insurance routes for four-legged companions with different needs. Its most basic accidents and illness coverage includes a wide array of treatments for several medical conditions such as cancer, hereditary and congenital conditions, emergency care and prescription medicine. One thing we were appreciative of is how clear Pets Best insurance is about what it doesn’t cover: pre-existing conditions don’t make the cut, nor do elective procedures or parasites. However, you can get coverage for services like spaying or neutering, teeth cleaning or deworming through the company’s routine care plans.

    Pets Best Reimbursement and Deductibles

    Before we delve into the holy trinity of premiums, deductibles, and reimbursements, we’d like to point out that Pets Best insurance is an industry leader when it comes to reimbursement speed. As a rule, Pets Best takes up to five days to process claims, though in our experience the average reimbursement wait time has been 3-4 days. As always with pet insurance, your premiums are dependent upon the deductibles and coverage percentage you set up. If you choose a higher annual deductible, or a lower reimbursement level, your premium will go down. We really liked how simple it was with Pets Best insurance to customize reimbursement, deductibles and annual limits to get a plan that was just what we needed for our pooch.

    Pets Best Waiting Periods

    As far as waiting periods go, Pets Best insurance is pretty high up there. After just three days of signing up for a Pets Best plan you’re eligible for coverage, and after 14 days you’re good to go for illness treatment. In terms of cruciate ligaments, there’s a longer 6-month waiting period before you qualify for Pets Best coverage of complications related to this condition. Still, from what we’ve seen this is fairly standard practice throughout pet insurance providers.
    How Much Does Pets Best Cost?

    As we mentioned above, Pets Best prices vary according to the deductibles and reimbursement levels you select, as well as whether or not you’ve chosen an annual limit. Other factors, such as your pet’s age, gender, breed, medical history, and where you live also come into play.

    For our 5-year-old, 32 lb mixed breed pup, Greg, Pets Best’s most basic accident and illness plan cost $25.84 a month with $500 in an annual deductible and 90% reimbursement, and covered most emergency care services. For roughly $5 more per month we could have added exam fee coverage to our plan, and about $7 more per month would have covered exam fees and alternative treatments such as acupuncture or chiropractic.

    While we enjoyed playing around with Pets Best insurance deductibles and reimbursements until we found a monthly payment that worked for us, each configuration was on par or cheaper than what we were seeing with other pet insurance quotes.

    Customer Service and Satisfaction

    Pets Bests’ customer support can be divided into two sections, and, spoiler alert, they’re both terrific. The first component of Pets Bests’ customer support offering is its own in-house team, whose cheerful members are adept at making complex insurance policies and questions accessible in no time. You can reach them by phone 7am-7pm (MT) Mon-Fri, or 10am-2pm (MT) Saturday, set up a ticket, or live chat with an agent.

    As other Pets Best reviews have pointed out, the second star ingredient in Pets Bests’ winning customer support recipe is its partnership with whiskerDocs. Available free to Pets Best members no matter what plan they’re subscribed to, this outsourced 24/7 vet helpline makes all the difference in the world to pet parents trying to figure out how to act in emergency situations.

    There’s no limit to how many times you can reach out to the helpline, which, at least for us, made Pets Best insurance a soothing and worthwhile investment. If you want to learn more on your own, you can also head over to Pets Best’s extensive resources section for regularly-updated educational materials and tips on maintaining dog and cat health.

    Our Rating - How Pawsome Is Pets Best?

    We found Pets Best insurance to be a truly pawsome option for insuring dogs and cats in the United States. Even the company’s most basic plans cover a goodly amount of conditions and treatments, and pet parents have a lot of freedom in shaping coverage according to their specifications and budgets.

    For us, one of the highlights of Pets Best is its customer support package, which combines customer service reps and real-time vet consultation. Knowing that we had constant access to vets for any medical question that arose really kept us at ease, and we were able to clear up any coverage-related questions fairly quickly with the help of Pets Best thorough support team.

    There are little things that frustrated us with Pets Best. As other Pets Best reviews have pointed out, you need to pay more to add alternative treatments to your plan, while other pet insurance providers simply include these treatments. Similarly, supplementary or prescription foods aren’t covered under any Pets Best plans.

    Nevertheless, Pets Best is a pet-first company that combines excellent service with generous coverage and forward-thinking technology. We will definitely be renewing our plan next year.