Pumpkin Review

Pumpkin is the new kid on the block for pet insurance plans. It was launched in April 2020 by Zoetis, the world’s largest global animal health company, to provide dog and cat owners in the States with preventative care and insurance plans to keep their furry buddies healthy.

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    What Does Pumpkin Pet Insurance Cover? 

    There aren’t any ‘set’ plans as such. Pet owners are encouraged to choose the standard accidents and illnesses protection that can be customized to best suit their pets’ requirements.

    Hereditary conditions, dental and gum disease, behavioral issues, examination fees, alternative therapies, and even prescription food for eligible conditions are all covered. 

    A wide range of veterinary options and services is included too.

    You’ll be able to use any registered vet in the US as part of your plan, which will cover the costs of cancer in dogs and cats as well growths, orthopedic injuries, swallowed objects, urinary infections, digestive issues, and, surprisingly, hip dysplasia. 

    Separate from the accidents and illness insurance plan, Pumpkin Pet offers an exclusive Preventative Essentials Pack.

    This has been designed to help pet owners save on the cost of routine check-ups, protecting against parasites such as ticks, fleas, and heartworm, as well as vaccinations to ward off nasty diseases. 


    • No add-on fees
    • 10% multi-pet discount
    • No extended waiting periods


    • Only covers cats and dogs

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance Reimbursement and Deductibles

    You can choose a higher annual deductible to reduce the amount you’ll need to pay for your premium

    You can choose between 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursement. 

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance Waiting Period

    That said, there’s no mention of how long you’ll be waiting for your plan to come into effect, although the industry average is 14 working days.

    Claims can be submitted online using the Pumpkin website but unfortunately, no details are provided on waiting periods for reimbursement. 

    Customer Service and Satisfaction 

    As a new pet insurance provider, Pumpkin doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support, but you can contact a member of the customer care team by email and someone will get back to you within one working day. 

    Our Rating – How Pawsome is Pumpkin Pet Insurance?

    Pumpkin is upfront about what’s on offer and doesn’t require you to shell out extra for protection against urinary infections or hip dysplasia.

    Plans can be easily customized depending on the level of protection you want but if you’re looking for protection for a pet that isn’t a dog or cat, you might want to try PetPremium instead.

    If you’re looking for a provider that pays out claims fast, Healthy Paws reimburses all claims within two working days.

    And if you’re a fan of no waiting periods, check out PetAssure’s plans, all of which have no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.