SPOT Pet Insurance Review

Taking care of your pet is no different than taking care of the other members of your family. Just as you take out medical insurance for all your family members, choosing coverage for your furry companion is also an important task.

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    SPOT Insurance is one such option that’s been offering support for animals since 2019. It covers issues such as common health problems in cats and dogs, along with accidents and other miscellaneous expenses connected to your pet’s health.

    Check out this detailed SPOT Pet Insurance review for more details.

    What Does SPOT Pet Insurance Cover?

    SPOT Pet Insurance is different from other animal healthcare options due to various reasons. One of the major ones is that you can customize the coverage plan as per your requirements. Here are the essential elements that SPOT Insurance for pets offers:

    • Death expenses
    • Alternative treatments
    • Medicines and other medical supplies
    • Tests such as X-rays and scans
    • Poison control
    • Expensive food and supplements that are a part of a prescription for treating some illness as per FDI
    • Stem cell therapy
    • Extraction of teeth
    • Hospitalization and surgery
    • Treatment by a vet

    Apart from these, SPOT healthcare and insurance for dogs and cats cover other areas, such as:

    • Diagnosis tests and treatments for cancer
    • Illness due to accidents
    • Behavioral problems, such as increased aggression in cats
    • Microchip implantation 


    While its plan covers a vast list of expenses incurred while treating common illnesses in dogs, cats, and other animals, SPOT insurance coverage doesn’t include:

    • Cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and services
    • Breeding and pregnancy
    • Boarding
    • Anal sac expression without any infection
    • Natural conditions that may go away after some time
    • Dental cleaning
    • Experimental treatments
    • Treatment for excessive overgrooming
    • Herbal treatments
    • Travel expenses
    • Intentional injury or illness
    • Training devices or other similar non-medical options
    • Pre-existing conditions before taking the policy
    • Food, supplements, and diet for general health
    • Preventive care measures
    • Vet expenses for regular checkups, racing, or others that aren’t related to any kind of illness 

    Thus, SPOT health insurance is most helpful when your dog or cat is getting treatment to recover from some kind of illness or injury caused by accident. 

    SPOT Pros And Cons


    • Offers several discounts
    • Covers food and supplements for illness
    • No age limit
    • Comes with a 30-day refund guarantee
    • Provides different options for reimbursement


    • Doesn’t cover expenses for exotic animals

    Reimbursement And Deductibles

    SPOT Pet Insurance offers customizable plans, which means you can set your coverage options based on the available options. It provides diverse reimbursement options such as 70% to 90%, depending on what you prefer. Usually, you can get the necessary amount of reimbursements you need if you’re trying to cover an accident or an illness requiring medicines, treatments, and surgery. 

    Just make sure to maintain the bills that are under the guidelines of the FDA. To avoid confusion, you should also get the treatment done in an FDA certified place. 

    When you’ve admitted your dog or cat into a hospital or are starting a new treatment, you’ll first have to pay a specified amount of deductible. This amount is set when you first sign up. The provider will then cover the rest of the expenses after you pay the upfront fee. 

    Waiting Periods

    Waiting periods vary depending upon the treatment that pets are going through. If it’s an accident, the waiting period isn’t followed, depending on the accident’s intensity. Other companies typically make you wait for 30 days if it’s some sort of illness. The best thing about the insurance provider is that you only have to follow a waiting period of 14 days. 

    The waiting period for your SPOT plan starts immediately from the date you’ve signed up. Claim coverage begins as soon as the waiting period of 14 days lapses. You need to keep in mind that if the animal experiences any severe condition within these waiting days, expenses for it won’t be covered.

    Healthcare companies will consider such needs to be pre-existing. However, as soon as the waiting period is over, any of the conditions that reoccur will be covered by the policy, depending on the plan you’ve chosen.

    How Much Does SPOT Pet Insurance Cost?

    The SPOT monthly cost is quite affordable and customizable. Premium amounts are largely based on the breed, age, and location. Some other factors that affect the total cost may include the plan, eligible discounts, deductibles, the percentage of reimbursement, and how you care for the animal. 

    On average, if you’re taking a combination of accident and illness coverage in a cat insurance plan, it should cost between $20 to $25 per month. Similarly, if you take this plan for your dog, it’ll usually cost between $48 to $52 each month.

    Customer Service And Satisfaction

    You can get in touch with this insurance company’s customer service in various ways. For instance, you can call 1-877-958-8702 or send an email to The customer support team is available to answer your call or to reply to your message from 8 AM to 9 PM EST during weekdays and 9 AM until 5 PM on Saturdays. 

    You can also visit the company’s official website and fill out a form on the contact page, after which the support team will contact you.

    FAQs About SPOT

      1.  What do you mean by a pre-existing condition?

      Pre-existing conditions are any kind of health condition or illness that may have taken place much before you took out the coverage plan. 
      2.  At what age during an animal’s life should you get it insurance?
      There isn’t a predefined age bar for animal insurance. Consider your pet’s ailments and overall healthcare expenses and get coverage as and when needed.
      3.  How can I cancel the policy?
      If you wish to cancel the policy, you can simply contact the SPOT customer support team.
      4.  Can you add more pets to one account?
      Yes. All you’ll need to do is get in touch with the provider’s representatives. 
      5.  How do I know about the claim status?
      This company sends regular emails stating any update in the claim’s status. Check your registered email to review this information
      6.  What is the period to claim?
      You must make a claim within 270 days from the beginning of treatment.

      Our Rating - Is SPOT Pet Insurance legit?

      SPOT Insurance has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 due to its customer support, features such as a 14-day waiting period, and pocket-friendly premiums. With experience and diversity, this is one pet insurance company that’s gradually revolutionizing animal healthcare.

      Moreover, most SPOT customers give it a great review and claim it to be one of the best pet insurance companies. Various features, such as customizable plans, and other benefits make it one of the best for your furry family members.